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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/5/13 1:43 P

I have never been on the program. My gym sponsors a member appreciation every month and a rep was there. He let me try the drink. I was so not impressed. I didn't like the taste nor the price. You will have a variety of opinions of people who this did work for and who swear by it and you will have people who swears it doesn't work.
Like others I don't want a company taking my dime and making promises to me that it just can't keep. I do shakes but I make them myself. I add in my own ingredients and alter them as I need.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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4/5/13 1:12 P

These shakes provide nothing that cheaper meal replacement shakes you get at the store don't provide. Some people like the taste, but personally, I refuse to use any product sold by a company that focuses more on marketing and recruitment than the products themselves. You're paying for a brand name markup, no more, no less.

The problem with meal replacement shakes of *any* kind is that they don't teach you how to handle real food. Most of the time, when people do these things, they DO lose weight... but gain it back when they stop the program and go back to regular eating, because they never dealt with the cause of their weight gain in the first place.

JULZDV14 SparkPoints: (71)
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4/5/13 12:03 P

Very good point - thanks!!!

JULZDV14 SparkPoints: (71)
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4/5/13 12:02 P

Thank you - I really appreciate the feedback!! :)

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
4/5/13 11:44 A

I've tried it and no it does not work. You are basically eating very little and drinking your calories. If you can sustain that for the rest of your life, sure you will lose weight and keep it off.

In order to be successful, you have to find a diet plan and work out routine you are willing to stick to the rest of your life. Fad diets and working out 15 times a week is not going to do it. Eventually you will get tired of it and that's when the weight creeps back on.

I use the protein shakes for a pre/post workout snack. It's not a meal replacement. The best thing to do is eat healthier and cut out the crap. (need to take my own advice there) :-)

KARA623 Posts: 727
4/5/13 11:13 A

I haven't heard about that program specifically and can't speak to whether it would be worth the money. I do think that if you will commit to a fitness program, then it's always worth it as long as it's not something so extreme that you run the risk of hurting yourself or burning out.

With regards to powders and pre-made meals that you buy, I personally never think they're a good option because I think that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to learn how to eat real food in a healthy and sustainable way that you will stick to. Then when you have successfully lost the weight, you will just continue eating healthily rather than trying to learn at that point how to eat. It will probably take longer, but then again, the longer it takes, the more it becomes a habit. JMO.

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4/5/13 10:50 A

Hi everyone,

I have heard a lot of people talking recently about Visalus and "Body by Vi Challenges". Just wanted to see if anyone has tried it and if it actually works and is worth the money. Is it really better than just buying regular protein powder--and does it taste good? I don't want to waste my money if it doesn't work, and if the product doesn't taste good!


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