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3/19/11 1:57 P

I like this site, though it isn't that accurate for my body type...When I set it to my goal weight, the model looks much skinnier than I did at that weight!

3/19/11 1:31 P

I made one years ago when I did more online shopping! I may try this again- thanks!

SCHOPPEK Posts: 1,058
3/19/11 12:41 P

Cool, thanks!

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3/19/11 12:25 P

Hmmm... interesting to play with


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CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
3/19/11 11:39 A

Hmmm....I just used it this morning. It was fun. I adjusted my weight goal because of this!

AMBERLEIGHM1 Posts: 1,515
3/19/11 10:19 A

Thank you for sharing.

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3/18/11 7:28 P

Sadly, it seems that My Virtual Model went bankrupt and we can't use the simulator anymore.

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3/8/11 1:47 A

Thank you for sharing!

ANITA_NM Posts: 958
3/7/11 11:00 P

Cool! I was wondering where people created those neat images. Thanks for the link!

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JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
1/7/11 5:51 P

That's fun!!

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1/7/11 5:33 P

this looks like it might be interesting

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1/7/11 5:24 P

Cool, thanks!

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77PINKLADY Posts: 606
1/2/11 10:05 P

Fun. Thanks for posting.

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2HAMSDIET Posts: 6,548
1/2/11 9:24 P

emoticon hanks

TJANDJESS Posts: 663
1/2/11 8:48 P

I finally found the weight loss simulator:

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