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DEVOTCHKA2 Posts: 20
7/23/10 6:15 P

I would like the avatar link too! I thought I had found one, but it is not for weight loss. Thanks!

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6/14/10 9:30 P

It is really cool and looks very realistic! Upload your own photo and watch what you look like when you gain or lose weight...

KDLOCA Posts: 184
6/2/10 6:39 P

I was upset too when prevention stopped theirs. It is a motivator to see what you might look later when we lose the weight. I hope this one stays around.

MOMMY2KB Posts: 1,123
6/2/10 6:04 A

Thanks, I was upset when Prevention stopped theirs.

KARAI2628 Posts: 23
6/2/10 4:16 A

thanks for the link..that was really fun and a great's amazing to think that I could look like that if I really set my mind to it.

DONE2009 Posts: 268
6/1/10 10:28 P

we will see if this works, well i tried it and i didnt see a differnce

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KDLOCA Posts: 184
5/29/10 9:49 P

Try this one

KDLOCA Posts: 184
5/29/10 9:28 P

I was disappointed when prevention discontinued the virtal image. But I have found this site you can download your pic it is easy and simple. I dont think you can save it but you can print the pics.

5/29/10 1:43 P

Created the avatar but don't know how to move it to this site.

DEVORA4 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (53,380)
Posts: 4,287
5/29/10 2:04 A

links don't work for me either

DONE2009 Posts: 268
5/29/10 1:54 A

i woud love to do this but dint have any links that will work

BETHMOMOF2 Posts: 201
5/28/10 9:24 P

Does anyone have a new link? None of the links posted here work for me. Thanks!

KNITTERGAL73 Posts: 403
1/15/10 9:26 A

I remember seeing a website where you upload your photo and select the number of pounds you want "removed" from it. They will then photoshop the picture and remove say 50 pounds from it. Here is the link:

NEWSTART2010 Posts: 64
1/15/10 9:01 A

Where do you find these avatars? I would love to try them out!

1/15/10 8:57 A

Hmmm, none of them work for me. I have even copied and pasted address from here. They keep telling me that the page can not be found. Hmmmmmm emoticon

DCROCKETS Posts: 705
1/15/10 8:54 A

Can't find a site to make one for guys. Any suggestions? emoticon

JRG208 Posts: 1,272
1/15/10 8:11 A

So...I created one of these virtual models when I was 30 pounds heavier and forgot about it. I just logged into the site and changed it to where I am now and almost fell over!! Thanks for the reminder!

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
1/14/10 11:22 P

try using a real photo, it can in the long run avoid figure distortion issues..
the brain needs to see the real you, if you use these fake photos and don't end looking as good as them another hammer in the head at the end of the journey..

BEACHGRL09 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,918)
Posts: 87
1/14/10 9:33 P

I could not get the site to work...any ideas?

4MUNCHKIN Posts: 88
1/14/10 6:39 P

Thanks for the info everyone! I've been wondering where to make those too.

SLFRISBEY SparkPoints: (11,927)
Fitness Minutes: (9,607)
Posts: 638
1/14/10 3:39 P

I just set up one model with my current weight, saved the picture, then did a second one at my goal weight and saved that picture. It probably isn't exactly the same as the simulator but it gave me what I wanted.

1/14/10 3:37 P

I keep getting "webpage cannot be found" when I click on the weight loss simulator in the bottom left of the screen from the new link just posted. How were you able to do it?

SLFRISBEY SparkPoints: (11,927)
Fitness Minutes: (9,607)
Posts: 638
1/11/10 5:16 P

Thanks! I finally got it to work! Talk about motivating... I'm going to be HOT! : )

1/11/10 4:27 P

it has a new address now

TRIGFROST SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,599)
Posts: 2,192
1/11/10 4:26 P

Yeh...I want to do this: Tel me How-Please, Anybody...

SLFRISBEY SparkPoints: (11,927)
Fitness Minutes: (9,607)
Posts: 638
1/11/10 3:50 P

Yeah that site still isn't up, I wonder if it will ever be back? Does anyone know of any other sites? I just want to get an idea and I am kind of bored at work hehehe! :)

LILRUBY77 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,630)
Posts: 145
1/4/10 10:16 P

I just checked and it's still not up. Gives a message about being back on 1/4/10. Still not up. I'll keep checking. I'm interested.

1/4/10 7:50 P

of course I'm looking for it today, and its still not working :( I want an avatar :( Guess I'll stop whining and keep checking!!!

THEEXERCISER SparkPoints: (179,054)
Fitness Minutes: (66,374)
Posts: 13,548
12/29/09 11:11 A

Thank you for the info. I wondered this too.

JLNILSSON SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,262)
Posts: 70
12/29/09 9:50 A

it seems the mvm one will return with a new improved version Jan 4th...WOOT! :)

NIKKIG3 Posts: 1,663
12/29/09 9:48 A

Thanks I will check it out.

JLNILSSON SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,262)
Posts: 70
12/29/09 9:40 A

I actually just checked both urls given here and neither one worked for me :( I hope I can find this somewhere else as it seems like it would be a great motivational tool.

10/13/09 2:27 A

I found the virtual model -- I think it would be really motivating to "see" what I'm aiming at on my page -- I can't figure out how to embed the avatar on my Sparks page. Can anybody explain this easily?

SIRCATNIP1 Posts: 367
10/9/09 7:26 P


I'll ask the question for the all the guys who want to know this:

Is there a site for guys to make their own before and after avatars?

Thanks and God bless!

5/26/09 1:54 P

thanks cricketro for site

5/26/09 1:44 P


AKATUJE SparkPoints: (32,465)
Fitness Minutes: (38,101)
Posts: 1,542
5/26/09 11:37 A

thanks for this info, i have something new to look forward to!!

And i have found a lot of useful information on the prevention site. Thanks!!!

TANTHONY2009 Posts: 104
5/2/09 11:53 A

Thanks for the info !!!

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
5/2/09 1:44 A

These are fun BUT and a very large and serious but. Many professionals, trainers and people whom have done the journey would appreciate real photos, as when people ask for advice we need to see a person to give safe, realistic and non offending advice.
I have without meaning to offended people sitting in wheelchairs (sorry to them) andand discoverered people with eating disorders crying wolf if I read back on their blog logs, as sometimes what people write is also drama crap..
Keep the photo real if you want information that doesn't offend. I don't think we should use hours to dig up needed information.. We are here because we all have problems of one nature or another to get a handle on so make it real and easier to obtain help..

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CANDICANE32 SparkPoints: (25,072)
Fitness Minutes: (18,859)
Posts: 1,666
5/1/09 3:20 P

These were fun. Made really be able to see my body in a different light. Thanks for sharing.

KIMJ01 Posts: 2,140
9/10/08 7:07 P

Now that was pretty fun, just seeing virtually how far I've come & how far I need to go.

KIWI0284 Posts: 192
9/10/08 5:49 P

How neat! I put in my old weight and my current weight and it gave me a real sense of accomplishment to see just how much I have lost. 10 pounds to go!

2BEFITNFAB SparkPoints: (8,907)
Fitness Minutes: (62,231)
Posts: 3,279
9/10/08 4:59 P

thanks for the web tips-I'll let our fitness club know-it'd be great for new clients to see 'virtually' where they can be with fitness/nutrition changes

9/10/08 4:46 P

I also have another site where you can get the weight loss avatars... I believe they are actually the same ones used by but they are set up to use as weight loss models.... already set up with side by side shots of before and after models... no photoshop required! haha... Have Fun!

POOKALOKI SparkPoints: (8)
Fitness Minutes: (16,154)
Posts: 1,521
2/3/08 5:18 P

Wow thats kinda cool! Thanks for sharing!

CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
2/3/08 4:54 P

you are welcome ladies!:)

LINCOR Posts: 3
2/3/08 4:44 P

CRICKETRO: Thank you so much for the link! :)

PRETTYBLKGYRL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,077)
Posts: 3,923
2/3/08 2:15 P

CRICKETRO - thanx for the link - I'm going to creat an avatar for my spark page later today.

CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
2/3/08 5:51 A
create a free account and play around wt the models;)
of course u need to know how to save a photo, edit in photoshop and such to create the comparisons

LINCOR Posts: 3
2/3/08 4:12 A

I've seen a couple of people with avatars that are like a digital them now and then next to it a slimmer digital them. Where are people doing this or how? It looks really cool!

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