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2/25/14 9:15 A

Vinegar is fairly low in calories, so you should be fine. It is very hard on teeth enamel, but as long as you're just sprinkling it on salad and not chugging a glass you should be fine.

I agree...check with your dentist next time you go.

JR0124 Posts: 382
2/25/14 8:49 A

I was just popping into say I also love vinegar on a ton of things. It is also great at clearing and getting the stink out of your workout clothes!

2/24/14 12:47 P

I drink a little apple cider vinegar each day. It's supposed to help with weight loss.

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2/24/14 11:11 A

I am glad to see the post about not brushing your teeth immediately. This is true also for fruit flavored teas, wine and anything acidic. I usually just rinse out my mouth with water after any of these, then brush later.

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2/24/14 9:56 A

Thanks everyone :)

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2/23/14 9:07 P

Where it comes to acidic foods, you should wait about an hour before brushing your teeth because the enamel will be a bit softer straight after consuming acidy food/drink, therefore more easily brushed off otherwise. (I have problem caused by this many years ago, which means I can now permanently feel a sharp ridge on my top front teeth, from where the enamel is and where it used to be.) Rinsing your mouth out after eating is a good idea, but not with soda or fruit juices. Water is best. OR, you could try drinking a little bit of milk or having a bit of cheese. Make sure that your toothbrush is soft, too.


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2/23/14 7:14 P

Soaking your teeth in vinegar can be a problem with the enamel. (Another example: sucking on lemons for extended time periods daily)
However, when you are eating your salad with vinegar--you are not soaking your teeth in it. Plus you are eating other beverages and foods that are cleansing the teeth and diluting the acid. There is the production of saliva that helps to clean the mouth too. This should not be an issue. (I assume this is what you are doing?)

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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2/23/14 6:43 P

lol, it has acids that can/will destroy your teeth enamel, so if you consume it regularly, brush your teeth afterwards.

I don't know about the acid with stomach - in other words, can it harm your stomach? Deitician Becky probably knows.

It has very few calories.

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2/23/14 6:27 P

Ask your dentist, next time you have a checkup or cleaning.

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2/23/14 6:21 P

Hello :) I love vinegar on salads. Just plain vinegar or apple cider vinegar, no oil or anything. Is this calorie free, or are there any health risks to eating straight vinegar? It's just so tangy I love it! Thank you!

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