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KELLIEM Posts: 1,475
1/31/12 7:34 P

I use Tony Horton's P90 (not X yet) and Zumba videos.

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
1/31/12 7:02 P

If you have cable or whatever, try the on demand channel. Might be under magazine rack or specifically exercise, but you can find a variety of stuff there. If you have blockbuster or netflix, they have streaming or dvd's you can get also.

HEZZYLUNA Posts: 129
1/31/12 4:52 P

I am the number one Jillian Michael's fan!

I've done her '30 Day Shred' and her 'Ripped in 30,' and I am now doing her 'Extreme Shed and Shred' in the mornings, and her Yoga in the evenings. (ahem... obsess much? lol) I just love her. I love that she's a strong woman who, even though she's not in the living room with me, is not going to let me phone in my workout. I also like it that she can back up what she says. Her videos are HARD, I tell you what, but so worth it.

Good luck!

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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/31/12 3:41 P

Something I always suggest is to hit your local library. I have gotten lots of different DVDs from mine for $.75 for a week. (At the library in the town I used to live in, the DVDs were free, so yours might be, too.) It's a great way to not invest a ton of money, yet try things out. If you find one you really, really like, you can look for a deal on Amazon or wherever and order it. I do like Jillian's Shred it with Weights DVD, and I think you can get it at Target for $10. I also have a Shape magazine Bikini Camp DVD that I really, really like. But, again, check stuff out at the library or, if your library ahs a crappy selection, try a video rental place.

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MENHALLS SparkPoints: (31,663)
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1/31/12 1:31 P

First, don't be afraid of milk, but good for you on the water. I'd watch out for the WW meals, they tend to be high in sodium. I have a terrible time keeping my sodium levels in the SP range, but I try everyday.

I like Jillian Michaels' 30 day Shred. I also like Leslie Sansone's walk at home program. It is easy to do at home. I prefer to run though, so I don't use them much. It's a good "change" if I need one. Sometimes it is miserable out in September & April (my gym membership usually runs from Oct 1 - March 31), so I use videos then, otherwise I run outside.

What about walking with your stroller or pulling the wagon or a sled? My guys loved that.

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1/31/12 10:13 A

Starting the first of this year, I made myself a goal to only drink water and the occasional glass of milk. So far I have accomplished that goal and I am very proud of myself. Every morning I eat a yogurt and an apple and drink water.. for lunch I eat one of the weight watchers smart meals, and for dinner I cook a meal. I got on the scale yesterday and with these changes alone I have dropped to just under 133 lbs. from 138. Now that I feel more comfortable with my better eating habits I reallly want to work some exercise into the routine. I am a single mother of a three year old so anything I do has to be in comfort of my own home. I can't afford the the p90x or Insanity dvds although I would love to try it. Any suggestions for workout dvds that you guys have had success with?? I was looking into Jillian Michaels which I could buy for a very decent price on amazon.

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