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3/8/13 12:17 A

Ask your nutrition instructor about a diabetic diet plan. It shows you the portions for carbs, fat and protein. Have some grains but have more fruits and vegetables. But most of get in exercise and closely monitor your blood sugar levels

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,377
3/7/13 10:28 A

You should ask your Dr these questions, not post on SP msg boards! Some of these people are answering with very inaccurate info and some are questioning your Dr`s advice!!
If your Drs. tells your things, do as they say, not as people on SP say!
My vegetarian, very thin sister (who also exercises regularly) was put on a no carb diet for a few mons to get her blood sugar down...yes, she was pre-diabetic!
Bottom Line

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4/6/12 9:26 A

Carbs are important....yes. To cut down on your pasta dishes use Dreamfields pasta. It isn't whole grain but it has half the carbs of regular pasta.

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4/5/12 9:37 P

I'm anxious to know why your doctors recommend this very serious low carb diet.

ROBINS-NEST Posts: 1,052
4/4/12 9:57 P


Living Low Carb by Bowden (check it out on AMAZON. Read reviews and look inside the book)
(free website)

Add me as a sparkfriend if you wish. I have known about and mostly understood the low carb lifestyle for years. NOW FINALLY as of late January, I am living it!

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2/8/12 1:18 P

I followed a low carb/sugar diet for a week and had good results. I substituted Almond Breeze Original for my skim milk, Egg whites scrambled with different veggies, I usually had chicken or fish for protein and veggies with it or over salad. I made soup using sodium free boullion with chicken or turkey and added spinach and cauliflower. It's time for me to try it again and continue for several weeks. Good luck!

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2/6/12 9:32 A

@SAMMIE1918: My Dr. told me that the reason there is a range is to eliminate pressure to be at a specific level EVERY day. If you are at 45 for 3 days and then go up to 55, it's not going to really do you harm. will be more likely to STAY on a plan that allows you a few days here and there to be less regimented.

As for low carb - roast chicken with fresh roasted broccoli (separate pans) is always good. Try greens and ham. Pork loin in a garlic paste. Fresh fish steamed in a salt crust. The more greens you eat, the more full and balanced you will feel.

However, there is REALLY no reason not to call the Dr's office and get a list. They have them ready to hand out in most cases.

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2/4/12 9:02 P

Listen to your nutrition instuctor! I have been following the Spark People Diabetic diet for about 5 weeks now. My husband has had to call 911 twice due to the fact my levels have dropped so low I was having seizures (which has never happned in 15 years). The second time in the hospital they felt it was lack of carbs in my diet. I am continuing to follow the Spark Peolpe Diabetic diet however I am increasing the carbs.

SAMMIE1918 Posts: 79
1/10/12 6:24 P

I am so confused about the no-or-low carb diets! I am diabetic and the nutrition instructor told me I should eat 45-60 g of carbs per meal! Spark people suggested no more than 45. But it seems like the lower the better for blood glucose control. Any help out there?

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11/7/11 2:40 P


I'd love to know where you are ... your diet sounds like mine! My doctor's list of acceptable foods makes Atkins look like haute cuisine. He even fusses at me about the "beans" (seeds) inside green beans! I did finally get him to bend to the frenched version, which might have lower seed counts. The recommendation for "green leafy vegetables" is confounded in my case by having a sensitivity to anything in the broccoli/cabbage family. Just try finding ANYthing these days without broccoli in it. emoticon

I eat eggs with a variety of things omeletted into them. One thing I've discovered that I like a lot as a main course is mushrooms! I mix them up with various bits of shredded or minced meats and spices ... it's very filling and tasty. I like broth-type soups ... most other soups have either cream bases or some sort of carbs in them (rice or beans or pasta), so those are out. If you like, you can make your own - a favorite of mine is onion soup, and it's not nearly as hard as you might think. I eat a fair amount of salad ... I have to be careful about roughage, but so far I've managed okay. I got sick of the straight oil-and-vinegar dressing, so I "cheat" with a bottled variety made by Kraft called "Tuscan House Italian". It's still basically an o/v, but has a few spices and better flavor, IMO.

In most cases, meats are nearly wholly without carbs. That depends on how you cook them, naturally. Luckily, I love chicken and fish, and I can eat as much of those as I want. I have a really simple and delicious chicken recipe that I'll put at the end here. Another thing I like to do with chicken is to poach it in broth or wine (you'd have to dilute the latter if you want to taste any chicken!).

Good luck on your diet. You're right, the first stretch is the hardest. By way of encouragement, once I've gotten more or less on the program, now my digestion rebels on its own when I get into carbs. I used to love rice - and still crave it - but I suffer the consequences when I eat it, so I'm learning (the hard way) how to adhere to my restrictions. Hope you can work out a plan that accomplishes your goals!

Here's my favorite yummy chicken recipe ...

Chicken pieces, whatever you like
dry white wine (I like Riesling)
about 1 tablespoon each of tarragon and chervil
butter or margarine

arrange the chicken in a baking pan
pour over the wine to a depth of about 1/2 - 1"
crush the herbs in your palms and sprinkle over the pieces
dot each piece with a small pat of butter or margarine

cover the pan with foil and bake for about 30 minutes at 350
then remove the foil and continue another 15 minutes or so until the skin turns brown and bubbly.
The aroma will drive you crazy! This is my basic go-to chicken. Hope you like it!

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6/30/11 10:07 A

may i ask how you felt during the first few days/weeks of this strict diet change? I am considering low-carb as a way of life for myself. I mean, seriously, who would have ever thought a person could get fat from eating healthy... low fat, fruits, veggies... apparently that person is me!

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5/13/11 12:57 P

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4/22/11 9:18 P

food that don't have carbs, fish ,chicken, pork, beef,mayonnaise full fat,
eggs have 1 carb for two eggs.
you can get a carb counter or look it up on line.

i hope that what ever your health problems you are having.that they will be resolved.

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4/16/11 8:44 A

While the statement that "glucose is the only nutrient our brains can use" is technically correct, it is not the whole story. Our liver is very capable of making glucose to feed our brains from the protein that we eat (called gluconeogenesis) As long as we're eating adequate protein, so that our muscles aren't used to make glucose, eating low carb is a very healthy way to eat - especially if one has Diabetes or pre diabetes, High Blood Pressure, fat accumulation esp around the abdomen, high Triglicerides, Low HDL and High LDL. In fact, when eating very low carb, the cells in your body (except for the brain) learn to fuel themselves on fats rather than carbs. This leads to less of an energy and and hunger roller-coaster and more steady state of energy and less hunger thru the day. And it leads to fat burning - the very thing we're all trying to accomplish! In fact, our heart muscle is more efficient when burning fat for energy than when burning carbs.

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4/16/11 12:24 A

Quinoa has 31 grams of carbs per 1/4 cup dry. So stay away from that even though I would love to try it.
With your Doctor telling you no carbs he does realize that is the only nutrient that the brain can use? Ask him for a diet plan or for a list of the foods he will allow you to eat, this way you will be sure to eat the proper things in the amounts he wants you to eat.

COOKWITHME65 Posts: 2,537
4/13/11 1:37 P

I have been considering doing lowcarb. I have found some recipes on the Atkins website and Best of luck.

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4/13/11 12:40 P

Have you tried Quinoa? It's pretty good a versatile. I found some recipes on the Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen site. One day for breakfast I cooked it with vanilla Almond Milk, added a little raw sugar and cinnamon. It was really good. Another day I made it with split peas, and lentils, with curry and other thai seasoning. Ask your dr if you can have quinoa.

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4/12/11 8:45 P

I'm on a low carb diet too. The first week or 2 are tough but then come the rewards. I feel terrific, blood sugar and blood pressure under control and the pounds are coming off.
There's a great book for those just getting started w/Low Carb - it gives a bit of the science behind it along w/a 30 day easy to follow meal plan w/ recipes. It's called "The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution" by Dr Michael Eades.
Once you get the hang of Low Carb you can find other recipe books and websites. You can use Low Carb in the Spark Recipe search box - to be honest, some of the recipes are not really that low carb. but they all have nutritional info, so you can read and see how many carbs per serving. Try to stay at less than 10 grams NET carbs per meal. Net carbs = Total Carbs minus grams fiber. There are several low carb groups on Spark People as well - I suggest you join one or more. I'm on one for women over 50 yrs, so I can't really invite you to join.. sorry. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

4/9/11 10:51 P

Thank you, Pookie and Snoopy!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,686
4/9/11 8:20 P

Eggs are so versatile !
Omelets can be filling add lots of no carb veggies.

Meat/chicken/fish have no carb so cook them with broccoli, spinach, string beans or celery. Also green, red, yellow peppers, mushrooms and zucchini. Use olive oil to saute and Mrs Dash or lots of herbs for flavor.

Cheese also is carb free ( well most, you need to check the labels )

CHICKEN STIR FRY - you can change veggies to what you like

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast cut into strips
3 cloves garlic chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 cup fresh sliced mushrooms
1 green pepper cut into strips
1 yellow pepper cut into strips
1 yellow summer squash, peeled and sliced into 1 inch pieces

Over medium heat add the olive and chicken and cook and stir until lightly brown.

Add the veggies an the garlic and cover , cook until all is done.

Make your own sugar free orange teriyaki sauce

1/2 cup sugar free free orange marmalade
3 Tablespoons soy sauce

Mix well, add to your stir fry

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-POOKIE- Posts: 13,555
4/9/11 4:38 P

4/9/11 3:22 P

Hello! I've recently been put on a diet by my doctor where I am not allowed to have carbs (not even whole grains) or sugar (no more than 7 grams a day, but he said none at all is best). This includes no fruit, not even fresh fruit, no tomatoes (someone suggested tomatillos, but even though they're green aren't those still tomatoes?), no carrots, and no vegetables that aren't green. And I am absolutely amazed at how many things that I thought were safe (like milk, and soy milk) have carbs and sugar.

Any way, I was wondering if anyone could give me good recipes and snack ideas that I can do that will keep me full? I've been doing well so far (only been three days, but hey, the first days are the hardest!). I also need to learn how to cook, so don't be worried about giving me a recipe that seems complicated.

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