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SARALD5 Posts: 342
4/1/14 8:55 P

I would definitely have her checked to see if she may possibly be on the autism spectrum. It is hard watching your child behave this way yet we have to teach them it's unacceptable. I would have her evaluated for sure! If there is nothing wrong in that case, then anger managment would be a start (for children of course). Not saying this is your case, but when kids are used to getting their way (especially single children) they tend to have a harder time being social with other kids. My nephew was not hitting etc. but was very, very bratty for a while when he was that age and I think it was because his parents let him get away with it, or did not follow through with their punishment (give in when he is whining, throwing a fit). When she throws her fit, remove the audience, take her to her bedroom and tell her when she calms down she may come talk with you. It's so hard but we have to handle our kids punishment, without emotions so they know it's either this way, or that way, wheather you like it or not. Good luck! Has she been through any traumatic events that could be attributing to this?

3/7/14 5:19 P

I know this sounds crazy, but how much sugar is she eating? My daughter turns into the tasmanian devil if she eats cake, cookies, candy, etc. Or when she's tired, which I notice happens earlier now that she's in kindergarten. Have you tried monitoring her sleep and diet? Have you asked her pediatrician about it?

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3/7/14 3:22 P

I have a 6 year old who I have had defiance issues with too. At counseling we learned play therapy, where you focus 5-10 minutes soley on him. No questions, no yelling, give compliments. just observe and watch him and give him undivided attention. Play with blocks, something constructive, no guns or :destructive" toys. Something that is imaginitive play, legos....etc. Be narrative as he plays. Like he's stacking a blue block on a black block. Just say, "the blue block went on the black block." He builds or does something creative or amazing with the toy(s) then compliment him. It took me a while to get used to this for my 6 you son, it did help though. Also check out this game

KILYGE70 Posts: 48
2/27/14 5:04 P

Some behavior issues are normal and some can become more problematic. There is behavioral therapy where an expert can assist you and your child in learning ways to get desired behaviors and eliminate the undesirable ones.
Sometimes children are sensitive to different foods and this can also effect their behavior. I have a friend who's son was sensitive to red food dye and gluten. Taking this out of his diet has completely turned things around in a positive direction.
If everything you've tried hasn't worked, don't consider yourself a bad parent or your child flawed. Just as we look for the right combination of diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. on SparkPeople, as parents we have to experiment. Know you're not the only parent who is dealing with this type of issue. Good Luck :-)

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2/27/14 1:19 P

I can't even begin to think of how hard school must be for you. I know everyone likes to place blame but unless they are in your shoes they are not right to make judgement. I know I had some issues when my son was about this age but not so extreme. I found that it was very important for me and my husband to be on the same page with play and discipline. Do not make her feel singled out, for example don't make the other children playing with her or around her feel like they have to please her. This will only make her continue this very negative behavior. She may not like them not letting her have her way but it is impt for her to know it is not acceptable. If she has not already been checked by a doctor, that would be the first thing to do. I hope you have some luck with this. Maybe find some kind of place where she can go and give a used toy to someone in need like a women's shelter or even start with her used clothes. Help her see that there are children in need and she may start feeling compassion. Good luck and I will pray for you.

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2/21/14 5:27 A

Has she been seen by a doctor to rule out other disorders such as autism?

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2/20/14 6:12 P

I have a 6 year old daughter who is very defiant and will not listen to anyone. We have tried everything from, grounding, time outs, rewarding good behavior and nothing works. She is hyper active, but when she gets upset or doesnt wanna do something, she has the worst attitude. She is in Kindergarden and has already served detention for hitting other kids and a teacher. I have had many meetings with the school and she has has numerous therapy sessions and i do not see a change. I am afraid that she is going to be labeled a bad child. When she is by herself she is fine. However when she is with her brother, cousins, or other children she acts out. And sometimes is violently. She has terrible tantrums to the point that you can have ear plugs in and she screams so loud that its like shes screaming in your ear. Please help, if someone out there has had these issues, please direct me in the correct path to get my daughter some help.


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