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SMITH4037 Posts: 83
1/4/12 10:34 A

I would suggest doing what we are to do for babies starting baby food. "they" say to start with the green veggies like green beans and sweet peas before introducing orange veggies like carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes. The orange veggies seem to be sweeter overall compared to green veggies.

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1/4/12 10:14 A

Take a trip to the store and find some you DO like! you said.."especially cooked" ---then eat them raw!! i love ripe tomatos eaten like an apple...a crunchy carrot..some celery with a little peanut butter. YOU CAN DO IT!!

TENACIOUSTRISH SparkPoints: (185,182)
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1/4/12 5:59 A

yes please

JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 5:30 A

I love all veggies. When growing up my brother and sister hated veggies. They were always kidding me because I would eat the spinach, etc...

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1/3/12 12:32 P

Hello and welcome!

Creating healthy habits doesn't happen overnight. Start slow and your chances of success are greater. I found this article in the Healthy Lifestyle section and thought you could find it helpful. There are additional items in the "related content" that you may enjoy.

Be well,

JANTEA331 Posts: 1
1/3/12 12:06 P

I just started here and I'm really enjoying this site and all the suggestions from other Spark People. I have a dilemma - I really don't like vegetables, especially cooked ones, and many people suggest eating lots of veggies. Any suggestions?

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