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10/20/14 1:36 A

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I like Morningstar Farms too.

GOALIEGRANDMA3 SparkPoints: (118,328)
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10/19/14 7:45 P

I always buy Morningstar Farms. There is a huge variety, and I like the taste and texture.

LIFENPROGRESS SparkPoints: (114,732)
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10/19/14 2:30 P

Boca Burgers are good. So is the veggie burger at Burger King.

REIAMS Posts: 231
10/19/14 1:07 P

I make my own veggie burgers too! This is the recipe I've been using for a while now. Its mushed up black beans with kale and quinoa. SOOOOO GOOD. I love making a big batch and freezing some.

Link here:

QUEEN-EYDIE Posts: 12,441
10/19/14 10:22 A

I make my own. Lots of great recipes online!

MOONGLOWSNANA SparkPoints: (210,961)
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10/18/14 9:11 P

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I like them once in awhile for variety. I also like portobello mushroom sandwiches with veggies on top.

NUTINLOOKSLIKE SparkPoints: (19,571)
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10/13/14 11:51 P

I think all things have their place in a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet (meaning what you eat, not a limitation), as long as you don't have any health issues (allergies, blood sugar problems, etc) that the food(s) may interfere with. I personally prefer veggie burgers over meat burgers due to the fact that oftentimes, I have difficulties processing meat.

MARTHA324 SparkPoints: (175,973)
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10/13/14 8:38 P

As others have written, gluten isn't necessarily bad unless you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Too much hype around that IMO.
My favorite veggie burgers is from Gardein.....just had their meatless meatballs for dinner and they are delicious.

MORRIESMOM SparkPoints: (5,203)
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10/13/14 3:42 P

Does anyone else get stomach pains after eating the Morning Star Original Veggie Burgers? I've made them three times and the past two times, I have gotten sick as a dog a couple of hours later. I'm going to make the switch to a new brand. I love the taste, but my stomach can't take it!

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
11/3/13 2:48 P

I love quorn. It is vegetarian, a bit pricey. You'll find it in the health food section of the supermarket, in the freezers.

As you can see, quorn is a thing (a non-meat food made basically from fungi) but it's also a brand. So, you won't see Amy's brand of quorn, for example. At least, I haven't. The company that has the brand is a company in the U.K.

I hate to sum it up by saying, 'tastes like chicken' but it does.

My absolute favorite is the Quorn Chipotle Lime Burritos in the freezer section of the supermarket (usually, the health food section).

If you want to make your own veggie burgers, peruse the vegetarian food blogs. Everyone seems to make 'em and they are all different. My favorite loaf (not a burger because it is too soft) is a casserole/meat loaf made of lentils, onions, whole wheat bread crumbs, poultry seasoning and walnuts. It's one of those dishes where you eat the whole thing before you know it and there's nothing left for anyone else!

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LGANDAB SparkPoints: (5,443)
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11/3/13 1:33 P

I make my own veggie burgers. This recipe is my favorite, and you can make it gluten-free by making your own gluten-free breadcrumbs (I don't know, maybe you can buy g/f breadcrumbs, I've never looked...):
I bake them rather than frying them, and once the cooked burgers are cooled I wrap each one individually in plastic wrap and freeze until I am ready to eat one.

(If you are gluten-free make sure your soy sauce is the recommend tamari variety, but you would probably know that already!)

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
11/3/13 9:36 A

is there a reason you're choosing to eat a veggie burger over a meat burger?
can you not make your own patties with your own ingredients, and freeze them for later? May be cheaper, and you might have all the things in them that you wish - rather than the additives/preservatives that are in those

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,187
11/3/13 9:26 A

I prefer Jennie O.... Extra Lean Ground Turkey and make my own burger from the ground meat.

It's 99% Fat Free, Gluten free and you can have 4 ounces for only 120 calories

....I spice the ground meat up and add some Kitchen Bouquet to the mix. The meat has very little sodium. I even use 4 ounces for a stir fry and make tacos with it. A good Alternative to Processed food!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
11/3/13 8:24 A

It all depends on your definition of a healthy diet. I eat low carb, so I wouldn't touch those.
I think eating actual burger, and the actual veggies would be healthier.

You need to explain what plan you are following for us to determine if this is okay for you. Are you vegan?

I will say that instead of veggie burgers that seem to have vegetables at the back of the ingredients list, eating 10 + servings of fresh vegetables would be a healthier way to get veggies. Veggies burgers instead of a Big Mac would be healthier, but instead of a salad with lean chicken, fresh veggies, and a vinegarette dressing might seem like it is unhealthy.

Health can only be determined when compared to the alternative. Yoohoo is healthy when compared to drinking motor oil.

LYNNIEV Posts: 394
11/2/13 11:43 A

Yeah, the Morningstar Farms and Boca products say they "may" contain GMO ingredients, unless you buy the organic selections of these brands. Certified organic foods are not allowed to contain GMO's.

11/2/13 10:54 A

I used to purchase morningstar brand, however, I am 'trying' to steer away from the gmo foods as much as I can. I know it is impossible, however, I know that soy is one of those things that you truly should not purchase when it is a GMO because it really can screw with hormones and your body. So with the vegetable burgers I usually purchase Dr Praeger's or amy's all american vegetable burgers. Both lable that they have no GMO ingredients and they both have lists of ingredients that anyone can identify without any weird ingredients that no one knows what they are.

HEALTHYJ29 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/31/13 3:13 A

People define healthy differently. To me these are ok but if you want one with less ingredients I heard though never tried them Sunshine burgers have less and are more natural. Though I don't feel gluten is bad unless you have celiac or other condition to not have it I think Amys has a gluten free brand

NIRERIN Posts: 14,158
10/30/13 4:56 P

what are you eating them instead of? the answer to that will be your answer. because if you're skipping out on making a miso glazed salmon with spinach and peppers, odds are the veggie burger is the lesser choice. but if you're having instead of fried spam and eggs or doritos, the veggie patty would likely be the winner. so when you go to grab them, what are the other choices you are realistically choosing the burger over? the question isn't if the veggie burger is the end all, be all choice, the question is if the veggie burger is the best realistic option when you grab one.
when it comes down to it i have yet to find a company that makes veggie burgers that i don't like at least one flavor of. they're easy to grab when i need them, and i find that they perk up some of my plainer dishes. tonight's dinner is goulash and i'm using 1/3 cup of lentils as the main protein. i'll likely add a Tablespoon of burger crumbles of whatever brand i happen to have or a cube or two of gardein beefless tips chopped up. so it's a very little amount of fake meat for about three to four cups of food and i find that that little bit really finishes off what i make. it adds a texture that i can't really [or can't be bothered to] get at home.
i fall down on the side of so long as you aren't eating them everyday, every meal they're a good thing to have for when you don't really want to cook too much. and as long as they are the best option you can realistically choose, choose them. when you find something better, replace them with that.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (80,733)
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10/30/13 10:26 A

Ooooooh I used to live off of those things...but then the price of them kept creeping up and now they're more than $5 per box at the grocery store. Ridiculousssssss. I started making my own burgers and I think they taste ten times better and have no mystery ingredients.

Recipe -

I also make pesto burgers using small white beans, spinach or kale, roasted garlic, fresh basil and parm cheese. So good.

LYNNIEV Posts: 394
10/30/13 8:49 A

I buy both Morningstar and Boca. I don't eat them all the time, but keep them around for something quick to eat. I like the Morningstar Chik Patties (original) and a new one I found, California Turk'y Burger. That one is yummy, it contains tomato and avocado. With Boca, my favorite is the Original Vegan.

No, I'm not vegan or even vegetarian. I just like veggie burgers, I always have. Sometimes I even make my own using ground chick peas.

As for nutrition, I wouldn't say they're exceptional. But I wouldn't call them bad, either. All things in moderation.

POPSECRET SparkPoints: (79,859)
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Posts: 2,108
10/29/13 10:22 P

I love Dr. Praeger's California Veggie burger...Chunks of identifiable veggies and no weird ingredients.

I keep some Morningstar Farms ones in the freezer too, for a quick meal. Love the Buffalo Chikn patties

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,744)
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10/29/13 7:12 P

Gluten isn't "unhealthy" for people without celiac or gluten sensitises any more than nuts are unhealthy for people without nut allergies.

There's an unbelievable amount of debate over what's healthy and what's not. Dieters and healthy food advocates at polar ends with one another. Only fact is, no one knows for certain what's good/bad for you and to what degree... expect the rare things everyone can agree on. Diet science is really still in its infancy.

Just make your own. That way you can use the ingredients *you* want in your food. You'll feel better knowing you're the one controlling it. Very few things I buy are prepackaged or pre-frozen or pre-prepared but it does require a lot of foot work.

Personally, until it's accepted and proven science... I don't put too much stake in the various claims/screams coming from fringe sources tossing around pseudoscience. If I avoided every food/ingredient that someone claims may be bad for me... I'd starve. Industry has manipulated our food far beyond it's natural state but not everything can be avoided aside from living on a farm and controlling your own vegetable and animal sources, sadly... that is the cost of convenience, affordability and living in a modern society.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
10/29/13 6:51 P

I said it didn't raise too many flags for *nutrition* - the ethics of Big Food/GMOs and All Things Monsanto is a bit of a different question.

I maintain that gluten can have a place in a healthy diet (so long as you're not sensitive to it) despite the fact that humans have only been consuming it for 10,000 years or so and it wasn't a natural food to our paleolithic forebears. We are a very opportunistic species and can draw nutrition from a very wide variety of plant and animal sources. Which is a good thing and a reason our species has propagated so effectively around the globe. I consider how many people on this planet rely on foods that are outright toxic (cassava... which will poison you if you don't prepare it correctly, as it contains cyanide compounds)... and I cut wheat and barley a bit of slack. However, I recognize that others might have their own reasons for choosing not to eat it regardless.

I recognize that many wheat products (and corn, and soy) have been manhandled so thoroughly by the Industrial Food System that they barely resemble the grain from which they came - refined, disassembled, reassembled... yeah. I recognize and support the argument that "uber processed food is bad" and that we should eat less of it/cook more from scratch. This is, actually, my personal stance. I've gone through periods of time in my life where I've accepted and consumed "convenience/processed/junk" food en masse and it has never ended well for me. I currently cook almost everything I make from scratch (including preserving my own tomatoes and assorted pickles). But i recognize that this level of "do it yourself" is not the reality for many people - particularly those just starting out on their journey to health. Sometimes you have to start with small steps - is that veggie patty going to contribute to a person's calorie/nutrition goals better than a drive-through-restaurant hamburger? Yes, probably. Is that veggie patty any more "unethical" of a food than the feedlot-raised e-coli-ridden cattle? Opinions may vary, but in my eyes, it's really not.

I don't support GMO soy, I don't support GMO corn, I don't support GMO canola... but at this time, food sellers aren't even required to label their products as "containing GMO" so you can't even know (though - it's a pretty good guess). But a wholesale overthrow of the food system is a very big fight, and a bit beyond the scope of the OP's question as to whether her veggie patty of choice was "unhealthy."

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
10/29/13 5:58 P

Gluten isn't "good" for anybody. It's more detrimental for those especially sensitive to it... but it still has plenty of negative aspects which I don't care to ingest.

So far as the other ingredients listed...
The very next one is another "flag" for me: soy. Another antinutrient, estrogenic, goitrogenic, and binds minerals preventing their adequate uptake in your diet. Thanks, I'll leave it for those unconcerned with such small details.
Then there's the corn oil. Another highly processed, probably GMO "food." Thanks - *you* eat it. Along with the cornstarch listed later in the ingredients.
And soy, again. And *more* hydrolysed soy, wheat, corn... "whole grains", in which reside the primary load of things otherwise not especially good for you.
Is that stuff food?
The veggie portions sound good! Too bad they're the very last things in the list.

I think I'll just stick to my real food. You guys keep the frankenfoods producers afloat. I'm going to continue to support my local growers.

ANARIE Posts: 13,174
10/29/13 5:33 P

Yup, it's a long ingredient list, but there's nothing in it that's really scary. The things that sound weird are ferrous gluconate, which is both a coloring and an iron supplement, and thiamin hydrochloride, which is vitamin B1. (Vegans need vitamin B supplementation, because you can only get B vitamins from animal foods and certain bacteria.)

But if it still seems weird or scary, you can make your own veggie burgers. There are tons of recipes, and most are pretty easy.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
10/29/13 2:49 P

Gluten is not "bad"... unless you are allergic/sensitive to it i.e. if you have Celiacs disease or some other sort of intolerance. Gluten is just the protein found in wheat and barley. Wheat and barley are not unhealthy foods! Just like peanuts are not unhealthy - unless you're allergic to them.

Here's the ingredient list for their garden burgers... other than the fact that they are "processed food" and thus contain some stabilizers and preservatives, they don't raise *too* many red flags for nutrition.


SILVERCLAW95 SparkPoints: (3,027)
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10/29/13 2:39 P

I like Morning Stars veggie burgers. However I believe that they are on the bad side of the nutrition list. They contain Gluten, and some other unhealthy ingredients, although they taste good- (which is probably the catch).
What do you think? Should I eat veggie burgers and if so what kind? I've only really enjoyed Morning Star so.....

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