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5/8/12 11:13 A

Everyone's emoticon to join us on the Flexitarian Team

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
5/8/12 8:09 A

while i am not a vegetarian, i eat mostly vegetarian. in other words, i occasionally have seafood [every week or two], pork [every month or five, mostly in the form of a slice of bacon], or beef [once a year or two, though it might be closer to three or four or more, i may have lost count at some point since 8 years seem to have elapsed between me stopping eating it regularly and now], but for the most part most of my protein comes from things that weren't walking around and being sentient. and it's not hard, as i am eating meat just as often as i want it. i would much rather have dried, uncooked lentils to eat than any sort of chicken. personally i think there is a lot of shift of taste preference that comes with eating less meat. i mean, some veg who do well are people who have loads and loads of conviction and drive. other people just don't like meat to begin with. i mean, think of it as someone saying name your five least favorite foods, and then they make a diet for you that doesn't include those foods. it's not hard to avoid your five least favorite foods for most people.
i also think that when you give up something you like, it makes you want it more because you can't have it. when i tried to be a vegetarian on conviction alone, i wanted steak the whole time. funnily enough when i gave up and had steak, i remembered that i don't really like steak that much. and now that i allow myself meats, they hold little to no appeal to me. it's also because i have so many veg options [curries, soups, stews, stir fries, hashes] i like, that adding in a food with an inferior taste seems silly.

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5/8/12 7:21 A

emoticon I love chicken too and could peacefully live as a chicken-wing-atarian too..

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5/8/12 6:32 A

I know many vegetarians that seemed to have no problem giving up meat. However, my daughter was a vegetarian for three or four years. The last time she came home for a visit, we were all trying to think of a good place to eat out that would have something vegetarian that she would was then she informed us that she is now a "chicken-wing-atarian!" So we went out and had chicken wings. LOL! I know this is not what you are looking for but I like sharing it because I find it funny. emoticon

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
5/8/12 5:26 A

I have to control my protein intake because I'm on dialysis. Because protein's evil twin is phosphate. In other words, where there's protein, there's also phosphate. They go hand in hand. Which means that I have to eat less meat.

This means that if I've had what a normal person would consider a normal portion of meat for one day, I have to go vegetarian for 2 days, to balance it out.

I find this hard when I see yummy chicken rendang, fried fish etc. But I have no choice, so I wonder how vegetarians can totally give up meat! I'm only a veggie occasionally but I already find it soooo hard!

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