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3/25/13 5:34 P

Did you mistype your weight? If you are 120 now and want to lose 60lbs, that would put you at 60 lbs. Now it it is 220 that makes more sense.

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3/25/13 12:05 P

Spark Teams are a great way to connect. Here is one that might be a great fit!

Calling All Vegetarians (and Vegans)!

Coach Tanya

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3/25/13 10:58 A


I am looking for a weight loss buddy to share share my journey with.

I am a vegetarian so it would be great to find someone to share recipes and ideas with. I enjoy healthy foods and outdoor sports, my struggle has always been with overeating (i love food even though it hasn't treated me well!) and leading a busy life where I don't prioritise exercise/looking after myself.

I am 27,120 lbs and at the beginning of my long overdue weightloss journey! I hope to lose 40lbs initially, with about 60lbs to lose overall. I am keen to lose weight the right way and keep it off as I have always been heavy and it is definitely the time for a change.

I would love to find a buddy so we could help keep each other on track. Great sense of humour is a must!!

J x

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