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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/28/14 3:56 P

You didn't specify the weights for several items so it was hard to compare what it would have cost me here - a rough guess would put my bill for those items at about $44 (canadian). Which - is still pretty good - that's a lot of food!

I have learned that veg and fruit CAN be economical OR it can be a budget-buster - depends on my willingness to be flexible with what I buy. Like, if i thought i wanted spinach but it was crazy-priced, while swiss chard was on sale? Fine, I'll eat chard. I won't buy cauliflower when it's $2.99/pound... i'll find something else for half the price... whatever is seasonal/on sale. Sooo this impacts my ability to plan meals ahead - but, I never was very good at planning ahead anyways. I buy what is there, and then find recipes that make use of it. And that keeps the budget WAY down.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,748
4/28/14 2:31 P

At my local grocer (preferred for fruit/veggies), a rough estimate for that would be $50.00 or so. If I bought what I could at one of the discount stores, and then finished it out at my regular store, I may come close to your number.

I really like shopping at my warehouse store, as well. It may mean that I have to eat a lot of broccoli one week, but that broccoli was only $4.00. And the mangoes that are $1.25 a piece at my grocer are $9 for a box of 12-15.

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4/28/14 2:30 P

Around here the fresh vegetables and fruit never seem very fresh. I waste a lot of money on produce that goes bad before I can eat it. I do a lot better with frozen vegetables and a little fresh fruit.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
4/28/14 1:46 P

It would have cost more where I shop.

My husband shops at a different supermarket and he would probably match your grocery bill. He's a master discount shopper! The store he frequents is a little bit too far for me to go, less convenient, and more chaotic. I shop at 4 different supermarkets, including Whole Foods.

If I'm not buying from the discount bin (only one supermarket has a good discount bin for fresh veggies), I buy the fruits and veggies that I want. When I weigh them, I'm usually shocked at the price because they are heavy and they are sold by the pound.

When I buy frozen veggies, I buy only what's on sale. Lately, it's been a few weeks straight of green beans on sale... that's about it! So, we eat a lot of green beans.

I also shop at a wholesale club and their prices are very good for the quality of fresh veggies and fruits that they sell.

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4/28/14 1:33 P

EXOTEC - The only fruit I bought was bananas. Fruit can be very expensive.

I was at my local "discount" grocery store. If I had gone to the more "upscale" grocery store in town it would have easily cost me $20 more.

LILSPARKGIRL - I have to wait another month (at least) for fresh strawberries :(

ALGEBRA - Do you think $33 is expensive or would that have cost more where you shop?

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4/28/14 12:59 P

I shop at ethnic grocery stores for fruit and vegetables. It kills me to shop large chains - at the ethnic store I get apples for .50 a pound, the least expensive at the regular store is .99 a pound. My big buy this weekend were quarts of fresh strawberries for 75 cents each. They were so fresh, from a farm 5 miles away! I may buy more and wash, hull and freeze for winter.

POXYFAIRY Posts: 1,498
4/28/14 12:33 P

If I got all that at my local grocer, I'd be spending over $100. I wish I could shop where you shop!

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
4/28/14 12:20 P

I guess it depends on where you shop.
Our local independent grocer is very reasonable, and always has a bin of special bargains (and no, they're not picked-over-looking!).
I also buy a lot from farmers'/flea markets, and that *can* be economical, but you have to be choosy.
I do buy frozen veggies, but I try to buy the big bulk packs. That works out pretty well.
The only time I buy veggies in the regular grocery is if they've got something on sale, or I need it *really badly*! LOL

Mostly we do pretty well on expenses with veggies.
Fruits now... that's another story!

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
4/28/14 12:09 P

I think veggies and fruit are expensive! I buy them frozen (on sale) and then they ARE cheap. Also, I go directly to the discount bin of the supermarket and find some great bargains there.

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4/28/14 11:50 A

I went shopping this morning and bought a box full of food.

10 lbs potatoes
5 lbs sweet potatoes
2 2 lb bags organic carrots
3 cucumbers
3 jalapeƱo peppers
6 tomatoes
3 garlic bulbs
4 beets
1 lettuce
2 green onions

All for $33.47!

It just blows me away how cheap groceries are on days when I just need vegetables.

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