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2/20/14 12:24 P

Everyone has given you such good ideas, sometimes it just takes a few days to adjust to a new way of eating. Smoothies with protein powder might be good for a meal before working out but eating real, whole foods will keep you satisfied over juices and smoothies.

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2/20/14 9:29 A

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I just did a month of vegan eating, and it took a couple days to figure out how and when to eat so that I was not hungry between meals.

I had a fair amount of refried beans and hummus, and things like lentil soup the first few weeks, but it wasn't until I started eating tofu and really upped my protein that I was able to feel full for an extended period of time. I even made those soya chunks, which were kind of weird, but easy enough to disguise in pasta sauce. Nutritional yeast also made a difference.

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2/20/14 9:19 A

It's an adjustment and it's only been one day! emoticon if you're feeling hungry add some avocado or nuts and remember to eat slowly, or just eat a little more.

I was ovo-lacto vegetarian for almost 30 years and made the switch to full vegan almost 4 years ago. I blog a lot of my food here at Spark with photos so check that out for easy ideas and please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Good luck!

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2/20/14 9:09 A

You need to replace the protein and fat you were getting from milk and eggs with foods that will fill you up similarly. A fruit smoothie with light soy milk would get most of its calories from sugar, so that's probably your main issue.

As a first step I would suggest to incorporate much more in the way of higher-protein vegan foods. (You can find plenty of lists on google if you're not already familiar with them.) Second, consciously add fat. Lots and lots of fat (because you will have lost a lot of it with the milk and eggs). Cooking oil, avocados, nut butter, seeds, nuts, as well as products like hummus that are made with some of these things. Most of these items will have protein as well, so you get double duty.

Try to make sure your carbohydrates are complex or at least starchy wherever possible, instead of sugary. You're looking for stuff that's a little slower to digest. Emphasize green veggies over fruit, whole grains wherever possible, lots of good bulky vegetables for the calories and the fiber (I find most root vegetables to be pretty filling, as well as winter squashes).

Finally, consider eating smaller more frequent meals. You might have trouble going lunch to dinner on 700 calories that have no animal protein, but still be fine with a 400 calorie lunch and a 300 calorie "snack" a few hours later. No way to be sure, but you could try it. That's how I tend to eat when I am very active, anyway. Good luck!

And of course read up on vegan diets in general, since they're considerably trickier to get right than a lacto-ovo one is.

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2/20/14 8:52 A

Add fat. Fat makes us feel full. Try adding a Tbsp. of olive oil to a veggie stir fry.

Carbohydrates cause blood sugar to spike, and Insulin to be released. This drops blood sugar, and when it gets below 80, your body signals the brain that you are hungry. This happens in us all. Things like fiber, protein, and fat take longer to be digested, and spike blood sugar less. Pay attention to the glycemic index, and add a little fiber, protein and fat. The more carbs, and the faster they are digested, the faster, and bigger the Insulin release will be to keep blood sugar under control.

So anything that is easily digestible, like juices, liquids, smoothies, shakes, as well as high glycemic carbohydrates will cause this to happen, and if no fat, protein, or fiber is included, you will most likely be hungry again in 2 hours or so.

It's better to have real beans and vegetables with some brown rice, and olive oil, than smoothies, and bean burritos. Hope you find the balance, and can enjoy healthy eating without hunger.

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2/20/14 8:48 A

more fiber, more water, more protein (tofu, seitan, etc.) Check out amazon and look at their selection, search with 'vegan high protein cookbook'

Reading the table of contents of cookbooks gives good ideas.

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2/20/14 8:38 A

I'm a long time ovo-lacto vegetarian, but I want to make the switch to healthy vegan eating. I started yesterday and I was so hungry, even while eating proteins throughout the day. I started off with a fruit smoothie with light soy milk and was starved by 11. By mid afternoon (even with a 700 calorie lunch) I just wanted to stuff my face.

What are some tips and satisfying recipes you have?

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