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Well since this was posted more than a month ago, I`m thinking you did something with bananas...BTW,you can freeze them to use late in bread or bars or to eat as an alternate to ice cream (also a No No for vegans)
Anyway find your banana bread recipe and do these swap outs:
WW Flour
Brown Sugar or Molasses
Flax Seed in water for egg
Canola Oil for Butter
My recipe does not call for milk at all, so that could be left out if your calls for it. Amounts will need to be tweeked o your taste, so when you get it perfected, write it down! and keep your recipe to future use.

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11/9/13 2:35 P

I have four overripe bananas and I want to do something with them. Surely, I thought, someone has a healthy banana muffin or bread or bar recipe of some kind. I'm a vegan, no refined flour or sugar, and I don't use oil or eggs (found several "vegan" recipes in the sparkrecipe database with eggs!!!) Isn't there a whole foods healthy vegan banana muffin in existence somewhere???

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