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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/26/10 8:31 A

I read an article on calorie cycling. it said to eat at the high end of your calories for 3 days a week and the low end for the other 4 and that keeps your body guessing.

1/26/10 8:26 A

Calorie cycling! Thank you! I knew there had to be a name for it. Now hopefully I will not sound like as much of an idiot when I tell people what I'm attempting, and I will also be able to look up more information. Thanks again!

GINAKINA Posts: 2,559
1/26/10 8:21 A

This is called calorie cycling. My calories tend to vary anyway, so I haven't done it or followed a regimen for it intensively, but I don't think it'd hurt at all :)

1/26/10 8:07 A

Hello everyone! I swear I have read that varying your calories by a few hundred calories day by day keeps your metabolism from getting used to a certain amount - ie, if you eat 1300ish calories every day, it can become harder to lose weight because your metabolism adjusts and stores fat appropriately. Or something like that. I hope I'm being clear enough.

Anyway, I want to try to have a bigger range of calories, but I think in order to do so I need to dip below 1200. I had my BMR measured professionally last year, and apparently I am only naturally burning about 1350 a day. So if I want to stay under that on average, I'm thinking my calories should vary from 1000 to 1400, always averaging out from 1200-1300. Everyone I've mentioned this to says I will go into starvation mode if I try this. I'm pretty short and obviously my metabolism is awful. So what should I do? Any thoughts? My plan was to do three days at 1000 calories and four days at 1200-1400, probably towards the top of that range.

Thanks everyone!

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