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I used to be one of those people who used to go into stores and sample out or demonstrate everything from diet shakes to water purifiers to power washers. Ya, I did that! :D It was fun and found me receiving up to 30 lb boxes of chocolates or gum that didn't usually get used up. I'd bag it up and give it to everyone I could, after the demos were done. The instructions said to "destroy" what was left, so I got help! LOL

While standing around one grocery store, one weekend (or more), I was faced with a wall of salad dressings that I would think to myself, I need to sometime try every single one. LOL I can't believe how long ago that was and I still think to try new salad dressings every once in a while. I still haven't tried them all - and not all are actually that appealing to my tastes. I do love salad, though! :D

Another time that we've tried building some variety into our diets was when we first thought my son was allergic to sugar. We went through the store and bought a cart full of foods that didn't contain added sugar. Unfortunately, we soon learned he was allergic to fructose and protein, so he was basically allergic to all foods. That has since been remedied, thanks to Naturopathic medicine!

I just read the other day that there are approximately 7,000 ? known plant foods and that 'we' tend to stick to the main four: potatoes, rice, corn, and wheat for the main portion of our diets. Somewhere between the salad dressings and the need for more variety, I quickly became overwhelmed! I used to try something new at the produce section, every shopping trip or so. Our budget should be improving for the better, in the near future. It's time to think about expanding our horizons again. :D

I'm going to look through and try to find some new variety again! Try new things, both salad dressings ;) and new things to put in both green salads, bean salads, rice (and grain) salads and more and to try other new things, too. My mom told me that when she got tired of 'home cooked', she'd pop open a cook book and try something new. Hooray for Spark recipes having so many fantastic things to try! I also inherited my Grandma's vast recipe collection!

I used to love cooking - starting out when I was four! (that I can remember, anyway), then I started working as a cook and would come home tired and would do all I could to avoid my own kitchen. Now, I'm starting to get back into it and am looking forward to trying as many new things as possible! :D

Anyone want to join me in this adventure? I'd love to know what's "new"! :D Let's do this! :D I've got some very picky eaters, so I'll have to always have some plain old boring stand-bys for them, but they may try some new things, too! :D

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