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JKM_X0X Posts: 520
12/9/13 8:19 P

I made a sparkteam called valentines day challenge 2014 come join us:)

BRINGINGITBACK5 SparkPoints: (1,351)
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12/9/13 7:42 P

i am in on this my goal is to lose 25 pounds by v day.

TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (147,410)
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12/8/13 5:33 P


JKM_X0X Posts: 520
12/7/13 8:36 A

Lol well since I just started I know I won't meet a major goal by Christmas. So focusing on valentines day will keep me on track when holiday temptations come.

HIP-WITCH Posts: 9,534
12/7/13 5:39 A

Slow down a bit. I want to get Christmas through first. LOL

JKM_X0X Posts: 520
11/27/13 3:28 P

guess not to many people are into this challenge lol. It was just really helpful for me a few years ago

TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (147,410)
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11/14/13 8:53 A

My name is Leslie. I have 2 sons. One is married with a son of his own. I am close to my goal but it seems when I get close I loose track of the goal.

I like to go from 195.8 to 175 I wanted to get there before December but looks like that may be out of the picture but valentine is doable.

Exercise I need to do
Journal my food and track my nutrition
healthy snacks
watch the portions..

TOPS2KOPSVILLE SparkPoints: (147,410)
Fitness Minutes: (57,681)
Posts: 23,759
11/11/13 9:01 A

I will

Wil update later

JKM_X0X Posts: 520
11/10/13 8:30 P

My name is Kate. I am a new mom and have lost my motivation to be healthy. A few years ago around this time I joined a Valentines Day challenge to help stay on track through the holidays. It really helped and I met a group of girls who helped me lose 20 lbs! Well i lost track and haven't been paying attention to my eating. I also just had a baby and although I lost my pregnancy pounds I still want to go back down.

Anyone want to join my challenge? I'm looking for a small group of people looking for support to reach their goals.

My goal is
To go from 160 lbs to 150 by Valentines Day

I would like to start cooking homemade dinners at least 3 times a week,
Drink 8 glasses of water
Go for daily walks now that baby is a bit older

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