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It is much easier than most folks make it out to be. If you want to continue ST then just get yourself that $15 resistant band setup at Walmart. Then walk and or jog all the time you are there. Most families enjoy the break and some even want to go with you. The most important thing is to eat right even when you are not home. It can be a bit difficult to know exactly what's in all the good food you come across, but it is easy to hold back and do push aways at the table. Leave more for the rest of the family. ;-)

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hey all!
I am in need of serious help! I just recently got back on track (its been a week) and my body is not ready for vacation! I have commited to going to the gym 5 days/week with cardio all 5 days and strength training 3 days/ week. However, the little voice inside my head is telling me there is no point! Please help, any advice would be appreciated. I always get with in 2-10 lbs of my goal and quit, and I want to make it finally and stay that way! Also, how do I continue losing or even maintaining/keeping tone over the 2 weeks I'll be gone. I am not headed to a touristy spot, but its a family vacation ( grandparents in Iowa) with a lot of outings. Thanks a bunch!


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