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7/7/13 8:20 A

Thanks to everyone who posted! I didn't lose any weight this week, but I didn't gain any either! Your tips and advice were put to use, so thanks again!

7/2/13 3:59 P

I am on a staycation, with the boundary of spend no money. I have a big project, and lots of catch up housework. I booked an extra class at the pool. the hardest part for me is the solitude. I'm finding it hard to accomplish things by myself.

7/1/13 12:59 P

Hooray for at-home vacations!

I have my Summers off...three months of being at home!

Think of it this way, you have a ton of time to get exercise done! Do yard work. You can track gardening as exercise. Walk everywhere (weather permitting). If you have a dog, take that critter to the dog park! Play ball until your dog falls over from exhaustion.

No worries about lunch time. At work, it's always tempting to grab take-out. NOW you have plenty of time to fix a healthy meal. Surf the internet for healthy recipes that you would normally have absolutely no time to prepare!

Time is not your enemy. Use it!

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7/1/13 12:23 A

Yes, you can stay strong! Vacationing at home (staycation!) can be easier than an away trip--no worries about late flights and lost luggage! I plan an itinerary as I do when we travel. When the vacation is over I know that I did things I love, a few new things, a few household tasks and plenty of relaxation. Start each day with purpose or you’ll waste the day. Having definite plans make mindless eating less likely. Be a tourist in your own town. You may be surprised at all the things you never noticed. Eat outside and then go to a walking trail. Go to a farmer’s market or u-pick farm and make a great dinner. Plan a couple hours a day to catch up on some household maintenance you never have time for. Make a craft so your hands are too busy to eat. Go to a movie by yourself. Take a few hours to read or watch TV. Browse through local stores you’ve never been to. See if there are local events, like a cooking class or nearby festival. The week will go fast and you will feel refreshed. Have a great time!

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6/30/13 4:07 P

Vacation at home can be HARD! So make a schedule that lists the exercise you plan to do--maybe you can get the gym extra (or get a free pass for a week to visit a gym to "decide if you like it") or you will go to a new park to hike or walk or run or get to the beach for a run/walk or swim. Is there a local place you can visit? With lots of walking?

And what about trying a new recipe that you usually don't have time to do? Spark Recipes have lots of good ones--maybe make something for the freezer as well so you are "ahead" when you go back to work. Maybe make some healthy snacks, too.

I agree--get rid of the bad stuff--and get lots of fruit or veggies that you can snack on! You can do it!! Just make sure you schedule some exercise for every day!!

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6/30/13 1:52 P


Don't worry ! If you feel like you're going to cave, go start a blog or post on the forums. The spark community will support you.

Also, if you do have junk in the house, then get it OUT of the house. Out of sight. Out of mind. if it's not thee to eat, you won't eat it. Instead, buy some healthier treats to have for a snack instead of the chips or whatever is lying around.

And if you are on vacation, go out and do stuff. take a walk. go to the gym and take a class. if it's hot outside, go to the mall and walk around the mall. go to you local pool and dive in. If you know there are temptations in the house, then either get them out of the house or yourself out of the house. Try to keep BUSY so that you aren't tempted to eat.

And even if you do over do it one or two days while your on vacation, that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. Just try your best to eat right and watch your portions.
It's vacation, it's okay to have some fun. The world doesn't stop because someone is trying to lose weight.

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6/30/13 11:50 A

I'm on vacation this week, but at home and I'm worried that I'll cave and backslide. I've been doing much better at night and on weekends, but a whole week seems too long to stay strong! Any advice would be appreciated.

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