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4/28/13 8:21 P

Thanks guys for your responses!

So I couldn't take the pain, or the unknown, long enough to wait for my appointment with the surgeon. I decided to go to the ER. I was happy and so relieved to hear that there is no damage to the hardware! It's pretty sprained so they told me to rest, apply ice, and prescribed me pain meds.

Swimming is a great idea!! And I can't wait to open our pool, but I didn't even think of strength training. That is also a great idea! I have a membership at a local Charter Fitness and instead of my usual jog on the treadmill I think I'll head back to the free weights.

Thanks again for your ideas and concern emoticon

4/28/13 12:03 A

I second the strength training. I broke my foot at work 6 years ago and it was killing me to not be able to exercise. Even if you can't find anything low impact (I ado agree with the swimming though), I would definitely do strength. That way you are still getting exercise in-it may not be the same, but it does help and you won't feel so bad about missing cardio. In some cases, strength training is even better anyway (if you have a low thyroid, for instance; I'm not knocking cardio, btw).

I'm sorry I can't really recommend anything.

4/27/13 9:31 P

You only made a request for cardio exercise, are you doing any strength work? Strength work is a more important form of exercise for fat loss than is cardio according to the research which goes contrary to the "conventional wisdom" A well constructed workout of no impact bodyweight exercises will give you strength work and a cardio benefit.

4/27/13 8:51 P

swimming. bike (even stationary bike) But if it's painful probably swimming is your best bet. or even if you put on a floating belt and hang upright in the water and run in place. the water is great resistance while there isn't impact. So if you don't know how to swim don't worry the water can still be good exercise. just use flotation and keep your head out of the water and it's still great cardio!

maybe walking, but if it's bothering you it might be best to avoid anything weight bearing for exercise. OH, if you can use an elliptical or arc training machine that could be good. Around here the Planet Fitness places are fairly inexpensive as gym memberships go.

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4/27/13 1:28 P

Richard simmons videos are easy to follow and show low impact moves aswell

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4/27/13 10:29 A

Swimming is one of most low impact exercises there is.

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4/27/13 10:21 A

Little bit of background: 8 years ago I was in a car accident that resulted with me having a dislocated ankle and broken tibia bone at the ankle. With a little hardware (plates and pins) and an amazing surgeon with a terrible bedside manner, I was lucky enough to have it fixed with very few problems. Throughout the years I can tell you when it's going to be cold or damp just by the ache I feel in my ankle. But the other night, after running for the first time on the treadmill earlier that day, I had shifted my weight as I got into bed. It has hurt pretty bad since then.

Now before you say "man, you should see a doctor" I'll just say I have an appointment with the original surgeon who fixed it. But until then, I'd like to know if there are any very low impact exercises I can do as cardio. I've worked so hard to lose the weight I've lost and I'm so afraid that this is going to be more than just a little setback. Of course I can manage my diet, but without exercise I worry I won't be able to maintain my weight loss let alone LOSE weight. So what can I do? It does hurt some to walk, but I think if I take my time that is always an option.

Thanks so much for reading! Opinions and advice are appreciated :)

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