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SHANESANGEL2010 Posts: 62
3/12/14 8:24 P

16 in 10 so 96/minute

My husband doesn't believe me so when he gets home from work I'm gonna do the fitness test again so he can check my rate. How I count (to get up to 41) is after 20 I count, and then the same til 40. That way it saves the extra time for the 'twenty' part

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MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,438
3/12/14 8:07 P

I'm not sure I could even count to 41 in 10 seconds.

Using the same method, what is your resting heart rate?

SHANESANGEL2010 Posts: 62
3/12/14 7:01 P

I did a fitness test on one of my Kinect games and at the end they have you check your heart rate for 10 seconds. It was the basic fitness test of 1 min of sit ups, 1 min of push ups, and 1 him of jumping jacks. When I checked my heart rate after the jumping jacks and multiplied it by 6 to get bpm it comes out to 246. 41 beats in 10 seconds... so any advice or insight on the matter? It seemed very shocking to me, especially since when it asked me to input the number into the game the highest it would go up to were 35 beats. Anything would be helpful.

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