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7/24/13 6:48 P

The article is really talking about the granulated extracts like PureVia and Truvia. Those never should have been allowed to be called "natural."

Stevia leaf is related to "Reb A" manufactured sweeteners in more or less the same way that coca leaves are related to crack. People have chewed coca leaves or drunk coca tea for a thousand years or more with very little ill effect. You can even bring fresh raw coca leaves into the country in your suitcase and most Customs/DEA agents will wave you through. It's when you extract and concentrate certain compounds out of the leaves and process them with other chemicals that you start running into potential dangers. I don't know how many stevia leaves it would take to equal a teaspoon of the commercial sweetener, but I'm sure it's a LOT more than you would normally eat in a day.

I warn people against the commercial stevia-based sweeteners all the time, but I really wouldn't worry about the leaves at all.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/24/13 3:59 P

I think you're choosing the best method of consumption for stevia, though - in its natural form, rather than processed into a sugar-like substance.

However, I cannot help you regarding future troubles.

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7/24/13 10:38 A

The key in that article is this:

"Adults should consume no more than four artificially sweetened products daily, and that includes products sweetened with stevia."

As with anything, moderation is key. :)

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7/24/13 8:32 A

I have a Stevia rebaudiana - Stevia plant and have been using the leaves finely shreaded as a sweetener for very sour fruits like rhubarb, and have also used instead of sugar in crumble toppings.

Having read the article "The truth about Stevia" by Becky Hand, I'm now wondering if I might be storing up problems for the future?

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