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7/26/13 8:11 A

18 lbs of *what*? Would be my question... you can only lose so much fat in a week, certainly not any where close to 18 lbs. So most of it is fluid, lean muscle/tissue, food in the digestive tract, etc. Is it really worth all that?

Cleanses are essentially starvation dressed up to look like some New Aged health fad. There is no scientific evidence that supports they have any health benefits. They are unhealthy, unnecessary and an ineffective long term weight loss strategy.

What type of weight you lose matters. When you lose weight, not only do you lose fat but fluid and lean muscle/tissue as well. If you want most of your weight loss to be concentrated on fat loss you will care what type of weight you're losing and see that actual fat loss is more important than overall scale loss.

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Anything worth doing is worthwhile. We all start this wanting the weight off NOW! Ugh, been there... so anxious, so hard and unfamiliar in the beginning but trust me on this, if you take your time losing weight and becoming a healthier you. Focus on making improvements to your life, health, relationship with food, activity level, etc. your weight loss will be maintained long term. 80-90% of people who lose weight, gain it all back and then some within 2 years.... those are the statistics. You need to find out what those 10-20% of people are doing right. I guarantee it's not following pseudoscience with big claims and big promises.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,281
7/26/13 7:08 A

The previous poster has given you some great advice. SparkPeople doesn't recommend cleanses for the reasons mentioned: they aren't necessary and they can be unhealthy. Any weight you lose while on them is likely to come right back when you start eating normally again. Your best bet for detoxing is a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
7/26/13 2:18 A

I took a peek at their website and it's all processed foods like bars, shakes and vitamins. And it's all really expensive.

If you have a healthy diet, you don't need any sort of "cleanse." If you do not have a healthy diet, you can cleanse your innards just by switching to one. Get plenty of fiber, drink lots of water, sweat a little, and avoid processed products. Voila, you're cleansed.

Losing 18 pounds in a week is *extremely* unhealthy, if it's even possible for someone who isn't hundreds and hundreds of pounds overweight. I simply do not believe that it was real weight, if he really lost that much. Chances are he just lost a load of water.

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7/26/13 1:50 A

Has anyone ever tried the Usana Reset 5-day High fiber cleanse? A co-worker told me about this program and said that he lost 18 lbs in a week.

I am looking to jump-start my metabolism and would welcome any comments or suggestions on this program.


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