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11/3/13 11:44 A

Maybe this would help, too?

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So unfortunately, I can't keep a microwave by my desk; we don't have the room or the money. Likewise, we live in a 400 sq ft apartment (and this is a huge upgrade from our old place), and my "desk" is really my designated half of the kitchen table. I'd love to get a standing desk one day, but only when we have a place to put it!

On the plus side, my work space is across from our fridge. I probably just need to think ahead more and cut up some vegetables in advance so I have something to snack on to keep my blood sugar from dropping.

On the other plus side, we don't have a car and we don't need one, either. I already walk everywhere when I can.

In the end, I think I will try to find some sort of balance where I exercise on my late shift days (this would be around the late morning/early afternoon) and on my day off, and try to catch up on sleep on the weekends. I just went for a walk and it helped the exhaustion a lot. I had tried walking after my early shifts during my first week (last week) and I kept feeling like I was going to pass out, so maybe I'm starting to get used to it :)

Thank you so much, everyone, for replying.

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11/3/13 9:42 A

Sounds like you need to prep some small meals in advance, like oatmeal, salads, cups of veggies , fruit that you can grab and go, but... I worked from homes for several years and it is not healthy to be that tied to a computer all day. You may have to get up early to exercise in the morning if the dark is an issue. You can also buy pre cooked chicken, turkey to add to your salads or as a side to keep up your protein. I lived through GERD and it will only get worse with stress, no sleep, could try Prilosec every morn, don't miss a day till you get a better routine set up. Eat light at bedtime, plenty of water, avoid coffee and processed foods.

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11/3/13 9:41 A

Can you keep a mini-fridge and small microwave by your desk? Or stock up on some healthy snacks that don't need refrigeration and keep them close by? Also there are exercises you can do by your desk - granted, you can't go out for a run, but you can do some body weight workouts and even some weights. If you're working from home you can do it wearing workout gear, right?

The other idea I have is a standing desk - they are becoming more popular now that we are beginning to realize how bad sitting for long periods of time can be for you. I've seen some standing desks that people have made very cheaply and easily - if you google "standing desk" you should be able to get some ideas.

Good luck - when I was working I did shift work sometimes as well, and it can be a real nuisance. Maybe once you've been working for a while you can talk to them about staying on the same shift for a couple of weeks at a time?

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11/3/13 8:45 A

I had just managed to build a regular exercise routine after a long trip abroad when we moved this past month and my life's been turned upside down. We couldn't cook anything, I was exhausted, and I was looking for work 12-15 hours per day.

Now we're more settled in, I'm eating more healthily, and I somehow managed to be accepted to my dream job as a journalist. But I wasn't expecting to work on rotating shifts and I feel like I can't win!

I work alternating days from 7AM-3PM or from 3PM-11PM, from home. I'm always at my computer, which can sometimes be a problem (there's no such thing as an official lunch break - while I'm free to grab something to eat if I want to, as a news person, you always need to be aware of breaking stories and I can't stay away for more than a few minutes at a time). My sleep is all messed up and I'm exhausted, exhausted, exhausted. Worse, the schedule makes it awkward to exercise, as it's close to dark once I'm done. I might be able to do some light exercise before the afternoon shift, but I'm not sure how to go about it; I usually am a morning person.

And the worst thing? I'm SO. NAUSEOUS. My husband just made me eggs after I haven't eaten for 8 hours, and I feel like I can't eat anything even though I'm hungry. I already have severe GERD so I deal with nausea all the time, but this is ridiculous.

I know this job is right for me - I'm really happy when I'm working, that's never happened before - but I don't know how to deal with the shifts. Help!!

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