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2/7/13 12:16 P

This article will help you learn about healthy choices for growing and developing choices.

A Teen's Guide to Nutrition & Healthy Eating
What You Need to Know about Nutrients, Calories and More

Print it off and share it with your mother so you can use it as a guide as you are planning meals and snacks.

This blog and the information linked it can help you and mom with your weekly meal planning since keeping healthier options in the house is a key step to change.

Meal Planning Basics

The Getting Started Guide will help you take steady steps to using the tools on our site to help you set and reach small goals to begin to take small steps forward to living a healthier lifestyle.

Remember that healthy living is a marathon race for life and not a quick sprint and done race. Take small steps, set small goals, learn new ways to shop and cook and you will make the progress you want to see that you can sustain for the rest of your long and happy life. Plus, if you and mom work on it together -- you will create a lifelong bond that can't be broken as well.

Coach Tanya

2/6/13 3:42 P

I'm not to sure about liver friendly foods (stay away from alcohol and Tylenol for sure, they kill your liver) but as for fighting the addiction, i think that i can help a lil.

I too eat way too much, and at the wrong times. I skip breakfast and lunch and eat alot at dinner. idk if you do this from your post, but that is an issue. If you don't eat/ skip meals and only eat 1-2 meals a day, you will be more likely to eat more. ironically, the best way to avoid that is snack throughout the day. However, not with chips/ candy or whatever. Have carrots or apples, un-salted nuts, granola bar. It will help you to eat less at meals.

Other things that you can do is substitute foods. I love sweet food and they sell a lot at school. (most likely one of the reasons so many kids are overweight) And for awhile i would get a cookie or brownie or ice cream with my lunch. Now, I make it only twice a week (mon and fri) that i have something sweet. And instead of having cookies or w/e i have a really yummy 90 cal. banana yogurt :) You can do that with alot of foods. instead of soda, get flavored water or iced tea (get unsweetened and add your own sugar, or else it's too sweet and bad for you) or cut up cucumbers and put them into water :3 it's super yummie

also, don't put yourself in a place where you can have fatty foods. If you buy lunch at school, stop. Bring a lunch form home and dont bring any money with you to lunch. Hard to buy the chips without any money. Also, if you have to have something at home so you dont go crazy, buy single serving bag of chips/ cookies or w/e. Make a deal with urself. Max is 1 a day. Since the serving is already measured, it's easy to make sure you dont get too much.

Hope that helped. Good luck!

MOOMAN55311 Posts: 1
2/6/13 7:33 A

Hi, id rather make this letter anonymous if thats alright. Im going to start with the history of my addiction and how it got me here today so you can get an understanding.

My addiction unlike some others started at the age of 5 years old. My mom is a single mom who had to work all morning so i would go to my grandmas house, and she liked to spoil me with food. I ate 4 bowls of chips a day there, because when I was 5 I didnt understand the consequences of this. I lied to my mom about it, and it went on for about 2 years. When i turned 7 that stopped, because my mom found out. It went down to 2 and then 1 and then 0 bowls per day. I was also an extremely picky eater. I would only eat meat that was fake or chicken in strips, pasta with no sauce and potatoes. When i was 9 my mom got together with a new boyfriend who was abusive and I preferred to be at my grandmas house. This went on for 7 years and i kept gaining weight due to different foods, and my mom didnt understand it. Finally, she understood, kicked her boyfriend out, and now I live with her most of the time. Noiw I am 14, struggling with a terrible addiction and a fatty liver that will kill me in due time. I am around 220 pounds and my liver is doing horribly.

Basically I just need some tips on what to eat thats liver friendly, and how to fight the addiction. Thanks.

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