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SHUPER5 Posts: 618
2/12/13 8:16 A

I was also like this,what I found was I decided to change DVD exercise tape.Do not let this keep you down or discouraged.I can not do any type of dance or also I can not throw myself into one.I call it baby steps for your body myself.It does not matter how fast you do it,it's how well you control the movement with your body.Don't give up,I switched to Billy Blanks Tae Bo.The first original one,sometimes you can find them in your library video section or even on you tube.
Tae Bo Basics
These are my favorites in this line of videos.Billy Blanks is awesome,such a inspiration.The one I am doing now is Tae Bo Advanced,my ultimate favorite,Billy gets me going.
Tae Bo Advanced-oldie but goodie

AREEJ_R SparkPoints: (27,942)
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2/12/13 3:39 A


i start my journey since may 2010 so its almost 3 years
and i still cannot keep up with Jillian Michael 30 days shredded
its make me cry as well because hello i have to do this with blind eyes
but i still cannot follow the rhythms and the moves even if it easy

i tried the instant DVD and i pause it every minute
so i let it for a while
and it will be my challenge in few months to do it

AREEJ_R SparkPoints: (27,942)
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Posts: 2,384
2/12/13 3:34 A

Don't Be !
its okay because its new thing to you to learn
i was like that
and being frustrated and about to give up
espcially in turbo jam and zumba
but i keep going and try my best , don't do it wrong to not injure yourself
but do it in slower bases than them
now i am enjoying in the zumba even i missed up alot
a lot of dvds the trainer said : do it in your base , what is suitable for you
we are here to learn
we are not expert
but we will be emoticon emoticon

DENISEGG1000 Posts: 2
2/12/13 2:41 A

I'm not buying any dancy type DVDs because I know I won't be coordinated enough. Turbo Fire, Zumba, etc. not for me. I won't even buy any step DVDs because time they start doing combos I'm lost.

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,665
2/11/13 6:06 P

Try reviewing the dvd before you actually do the first workout. Maybe this way it will help some of the anxiety down. However, don't get frustrated just keep doing it and it will get easier. I remember when I first did Step Reebok workout; it took me 6 weeks to complete it from beginning to end without stopping. I emoticon forward until I was able to complete it. emoticon

JEFEIST SparkPoints: (0)
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2/11/13 4:07 P

I am not great with the dvds - I have no sense of rythm so it can be quite a struggle. I have found one that is very benefical for me. It is called "A Step of Faith" I beleive the instructor's name is Weny Wink (sp?) It is a slower pace, but effective. Uses a step an weights and incorporates cardio and strength. It is a Christian based video and does incorporate scripture into the work out as well -- but it does not preach.

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
2/11/13 11:58 A

@CHERRYLYNN, yup ... in my recent day I have had drill sergeant (even Yoga!) instructors ... a good antidote to them (among several more to come) had been my Jonathan Urla dvd, his dvd resulted in my most famous mash-up ...

So, not only can you stop, but even with an unsophisticated playback system, you can REARRANGE ...

JILLFORREST23 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/11/13 10:25 A

I can definitely understand where you're coming from. I've often started a new workout DVD and felt that I wasn't able to keep up with it. If I need to I pause it but I tell myself that I have to finish the workout. It gets easier with each workout.

MZNAYLUV SparkPoints: (4,179)
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2/11/13 8:58 A

Sometimes certain Zumba instructors will have my feet jumbled for awhile, but I'll march in place til I get back on track! Don't give'll eventually get it!

CHERRYLYNN18 SparkPoints: (586)
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2/11/13 8:31 A

I have been on week 1 of a dvd for two weeks now. The workout is 20 minutes long and it takes me about an hour to get through it because I have to stop, catch my breath and talk myself into finishing it. That's the great thing about DVDs! I am not holding up a class because I can't keep up and I know that as long as I stick with it, not only will I finish my workout, but eventually I will progress onto the next level.

Keep your head up. Pause that DVD if you need to. I promise, the coach wont mind a bit. emoticon

MARCOSMASTER SparkPoints: (87,979)
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2/9/13 8:08 P

Ok, I made the mistake of getting a DVD that is way over my head. I didn't cry I actually laughed myself to stopping it. I now work out with Leslie Sansone, walk away the pounds, you can't miss.
The one I couldn't do, I have gone back several times to try to do the routine again, I end up laughing it up, turn that frown into a smile, If you are fit, it will come!!

LRSILVER SparkPoints: (208,129)
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2/9/13 8:01 P

I think you need to look at the dvds before. Some instructors are much better at cueing. I like Kelly Coffey Meyer, she demonstrates and cues before most routines. Coach Nicole is good at cueing also. You may need to review the dvd before you try it the first time. Also the more you do it the better you get at it.
Good Luck.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,271
2/9/13 10:36 A

omg, you are NOT alone!! I seem to have some sort of dyslexic thing, where the instructor on the dvd says, use your right leg but of course then she's going left on the screen and I get all tangled up. I cannot for the life of me, do "dance" moves of any kind. And sometimes the fact that I'm doing this stuff on carpet, while the videos are always on a smooth hard floor-- well I don't think that helps me any. I don't think DH will consider ripping up the carpet, and the bathroom has a tile floor but is too small for exercising. sigh.

However. There are dvds I can do. I like Walk Away The Pounds-- the basic moves are simple to master. When she goes right on the screen, I go right too. Even if she started with her left leg. Those dvds come in different levels, beginner, intermediate, advanced. A lot of times when she's just marching in place, I'll jog instead. I end up all sweaty and red-faced. I like the collagevideo site, too-- you can do a sort by experience level and see samples from the dvds. I don't think I'd ever buy another workout video without first seeing a sample of what's on it. I bought a dvd years ago that I just could never "get" and it made me want to cry. (It's a dance aerobics. Nope, isn't going to happen. Lesson learned.)

And I really like Coach Nicole. Like she said, there's a ton of stuff right here on Spark. She's not overly perky or chatty or silly, like some instructors can be. For the most part, I can follow right along-- sometimes she'll get to doing something with the arms and legs at the same time (ie, kickboxing type stuff; I have a hard time with kickboxing) and I can't "get" it. So I just keep going on the previous move, and rejoin her when I can.

I have no intention of being a dancer or a kickboxer. So it doesn't bother me to not be able to do those moves. What I DO want, is to get in some cardio. So I reckon if I'm moving fast enough to get my heart rate up and keep it there, I'm doing okay. God only knows what I look like while I do it; I wouldn't dare glance in the mirror or allow my DH in the room to watch.

AIREBEAR42 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/8/13 8:39 P

I agree - when you keep at it, eventually you will be able to keep up. I know I'm still battling in getting to that point...but I love how I feel when I'm done working big sweaty hot mess! I feel like I've accomplished something. I just purchased the the newest DVD, Body Sculpt (?), which I really, really like.

ANGIE8975 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/8/13 7:08 P

I can't either at first but soon you will be able to so no worries.

35BYMAY SparkPoints: (1,477)
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2/8/13 7:05 P

oh man, glad I am not alone... I can't keep up with ANY dvd's that have moves... kickboxing, step, cardio, dance, whatever. The only ones I will do are the ones that are like "pick up the weights and do 12 reps.. now lets do some squats... now lets repeat..." LOL

HEALTHYJEN11 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 632
2/8/13 5:25 P

You're not alone! I used to try different DVD's but I've given up because I can never keep up with the moves, esp dance. I can do Walk Away the Pounds DVD's which only have a few moves and once you know them you can do any of Leslie Sanson's DVDs. I don't stress about it anymore, I just mix up my WAP DVD's with biking, walking, hiking & weight lifting.

HBARRATT SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 11
2/8/13 12:43 P

Same here. I have a pretty high cardio threshold but I've given up on any kind of choreographed or dance related workouts because I can never follow the silly unecessarily complicated steps - I stick to things like running which is pretty impossible to mess up (!) and when I do use a workout video, I often use one that's designed for men (even though I'm female) because they always seem more concerned with just getting a good simple workout and less concerned with fancy routines and trying to strut around like a pop star. I want to get fit, I don't want to train to be the next Beyonce!

IMHO, I don't think unless you happen to have a real knack for dancing that those kinds of workouts are actually that beneficial for general cardio, because you spend so much time trying to get the fancy steps right that you end up not really working on your fitness so much as your brain power. I once went to an hour long belly dance class and by the end of it I'd barely broken a sweat because we spent the majority of that time standing still watching the instructor or going through the steps slowly. Great if your aim is to put on a show one day, waste of time if you want to feel the burn.

So my take on it is that dance is great if it's actually fun for you, but if it just frustrates you, then find a different way to challenge yourself. A simple routine say: alternating 2 minutes running in place, jumping jacks, burpees, press ups and squats for four rounds and doing each as fast as you can will probably get you results as good as a dance based workout without the upset that goes with it.

ATHOMAS0925 SparkPoints: (30,343)
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2/8/13 11:55 A

I have numerous dvds of working out and even dance ones that I so can not keep up with. However, I kept buying different ones that were more my style. Right now I have a walking dvd that is much more my pace at the moment. And it's SO easy to follow along and it gives me a good work out. It's a 5 mile walk dvd but they separate it into different sections. Right now because I'm just starting I am only doing one mile (and I fell at work the other day on my knee that I have had surgery on, so the pace is slow) but I feel like I can keep up. It helps too because if you can't keep up they just tell you to keep walking, the steps aren't important. I'm sure once you try the dvd a few times you'll get the hang of it. emoticon

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
2/8/13 11:26 A

I can't keep up with the 28 day boot camp.

I usually watch the DVD before I start so I am familiar with it.

Maybe DVDs are not for you.

2/8/13 11:19 A

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like an uncoordinated klutz. I want to keep trying and get better at the DVD because when you can follow along, it's so much more fun.

COACH_NICOLE Posts: 9,354
2/8/13 10:10 A

Hey friends!
I just stumbled upon this thread and wanted to weigh in and provide some ideas.

I definitely agree that my two latest DVDs (28 Day Boot Camp and Total Body Sculpting) have slightly more "choreography" and can move a little faster than the videos we have here on SparkPeople. It's definitely not for everyone; but when we surveyed our members a couple years ago to create them, the vast majority wanted longer, more intense and even "dance" style workouts, which are very different than the videos I do for the site--so that is what we went with. The movements are also more complex in general: you're workings upper body and lower body and core all at once in every move, so it can be tough if you're challenged with coordination.

The videos here on SparkPeople are WAY simpler. Nothing complex to follow. You do just one simple move at a time at your own pace before easily transitioning to the next. Have you tried those? I think you'd be successful with them, if so. And if you like that style, use our free videos. If you want a DVD, check out the FIRST DVDs we made: Cardio Blast and Fit, Firm & Fired Up. These are simple exercises just like the videos on the site.

You may also like Walk Away the Pounds videos (which are simple to follow), and many of our members love those.

I hope this helps. Don't feel frustrated! I know you can find something that works for you.

Coach Nicole

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/6/13 12:43 P

Many DVD's know have levels on them. They have the instructor who may or may not do all the exercises. I think even in Coach Nicole's bootcamp, she may stop and point out one of the others working out.
They also have people who work out with them. One does the more intense or higher impact and the other does the lower impact or beginner version. Even if i have done the DVD several times, i still follow the beginner/low impact and just up my own intensity. maybe I will go deeper on a squat or jump a little higher. I make it a mix between the beginner and intermediate levels. I have a few surge DVD's at home and there is no way I can keep up with the advanced. Most of them are the Olympic Athletes and sometimes they even have trouble keeping up.
I am more concerned with my form anyway. I would rather make sure i am doing the exercise correctly than doing it fast or at an advanced level.
I do ZWOW's all the time or Bodyrock as well. I don't even try to keep up with Lisa or Sean. There is just no way. But I belt out the workout at MY highest intensity.

JESSY3035 Posts: 359
2/6/13 11:55 A

yes I have many times. I did the This is Taebo dvd a few years ago for the first time I couldn't keep up, but I did eventually get up to speed.

Now I get upset when I do Budokon and an martial arts dvd because my balance and not being able to keep up. But I do anyway because it's a fun exercise. I even stop (pause) the Budokon dvd and do the stuff my own way.

ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,930
2/6/13 10:33 A

yup..I don't let hubby be in the room either when I'm doing the boot camp thing! I've been doing them for a month...I'm finally getting the warm ups down emoticon but grace is definitely NOT my middle name! as long as we're moving...right?

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
2/6/13 10:27 A

I am not really a dvd person. I tend to make up my own routines. Back in the day, it had been step aerobics, resistance band, etc.

Much later it was vinyasa yoga.

Now, it's ecstatic dance, etc.

I have felt that way with belly dance and BellyFit videos ... until they were more or less mastered and didn't give me a workout.

The answer is or should be obvious. These are INSTRUCTIONAL videos. NOT meant to be a workout. Learn and memorize the moves, take out those that (in my case) require overly flexible hips or something else you don't have that they "do" ...

Then combine the steps and speed them up (to get an aerobic benefit) or slow them down (to reemphasize precision). Cross train to the videos by doing your own thing.

QUEEN3510VA Posts: 537
2/5/13 1:03 P

I just had that experience yesterday morning during my video workout. I didn't cry but my frustration level was high. I hung in there til the end and am determined to master this video. I took it on as a challenge. It's on!!!!

DEFFUZZ Posts: 26
2/5/13 1:02 P

I completely understand. You feel so irrational when you're upset, but that doesn't make you less upset! I started running a little over two months ago and am working my way up to running 10 miles. This past weekend, I really struggled to even do 4 and it actually made me angry and stressed out. You would think that the exercise would prevent the stress but it doesn't.

All that helps is not giving up and I always make sure I finish a workout when I get frustrated, even if I take breaks. So--don't give up!!!! We all have our bad days.

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,637
2/5/13 12:45 P

We all look ridiculous when we start new videos or classes! Don't give up! Practice, practice, practice makes you better!

I've been doing the 28 day bootcamp for about a month straight now. I did it some last spring as well. I still won't let my boyfriend be on the same floor of the house while I'm doing it because I know that even after all of my improvement - I look like a crazy person! emoticon

PURECOUNTRY29 Posts: 866
2/5/13 11:52 A

dont give up on it, when i started I couldnt keep up either . The important thing is to keep moving. some day you will make it through the whole thing, and the amount of pride you feel will definatly be worth it.

EDAUGHERTY0002 Posts: 69
2/5/13 11:48 A

Please don't give up! I was a dancer in high school and after I graduated, the pounds piled on. Then in 09, I became pregnant and by the time I gave birth I was 220 lbs (at 5 ft tall eeeekk). A year after having my son I bought the zumba DVDs and I thought I would pick up easily because of my dance background. WRONG!!! Not only could I not keep up but I also looked nothing like the hot instructors doing the moves. At first I was soooo discouraged bc since I was a dancer I SHOULD be able to do this.
Long story short, my love for dance exceeded the inability to keep up and the feeling of ridiculousness.
A year later, I am going to Zumba Basic 1 training in march. Not only do I still do the DVDS, I also attend 6 classes a week and plan on teaching in Mid March. Please please please dont give up! If dance work out is what you enjoy keep going! As you can see, I have lost over 60 since I gave birth (I never put the huge weight on the tracker bc I was ashamed), and most of it is bc of consistently doing Zumba. I hope this inspires you to keep going. If I can do it, and I used to be the Queen of Give Ups, YOU CAN!!! emoticon

CHRISTINA791 SparkPoints: (70,907)
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Posts: 789
2/5/13 11:32 A

Honestly, this is why I gave up on dance style aerobics all together. Even with good fitness, I don't have the coordination or the rhythm to keep up with it. I used to focus so intently on hitting all the right steps that my actual workout would suffer, and my embarrassment wouldn't allow me to just do my own thing.I did have one that I finally mastered, but by that point it was almost too easy and I wasn't getting a good workout out of it. It used to bother me, but then I got some good advice that the best workout is one you'll actually do and enjoy. I didn't enjoy workout DVDs, so I simply stopped trying to do them and moved on to something else. My co-worker and I laugh, because she hates running as much as I hate dance aerobics. Neither of us could do the other's workout of choice, but we're both fit and healthy, and we love what we do.

As far as being upset over not physically being able to do something, I battled that at the beginning. It took me a long time to admit that my fitness level wasn't where I thought it should be, and I was burning myself out (and risking injury) by going too hard. Eventually, I forced myself to start walking on the treadmill instead of trying to run full out, and I cried because I was so disappointed and ashamed. It seems really silly when I look back on it now, but I'm glad I pushed through it despite being ashamed.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (210,138)
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Posts: 9,376
2/5/13 11:08 A

I'll just add onto what others have said - when I'm starting a new dvd, I usually can't keep up with it... it takes some time to get used to the routine. And remember, any exercise is better than none, so just do your best and it will get easier.

RUBECCAL Posts: 1,413
2/5/13 10:45 A

Thank you everyone for the advice and reassurance! I'm glad to know I'm not alone, and I'm certainly not giving up.

MAGGIE101857 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45,481)
Posts: 1,156
2/3/13 7:15 P

Yes but I keep trying! Hopefully one day I will look like I know at I am doing!

SUSIQZER Posts: 2,410
2/3/13 4:45 P

It's not you, it's them.


I used to dance and do gymnastics. I'm a coordinated person who picks up routines quickly. I have more than one dance-style workout that I've done once and given up on, because they're just too much.

If your DVD player allows it, could you do a run-through on a slower speed? Take your time and learn the steps that way, then crank up the speed again.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,717
2/3/13 4:36 P

there are certain workouts I just don't even bother with - like hip hop or some other dance type workouts. I just don't have that much talent, and I'm ok with that!

If it's a workout that I do like and want to do I give it a couple tries - sometimes I pause and rewind a particular move.

I've been liking the more athletic type of workouts. Jillian Michael's is almost too straightforward, I really like Cathe Friedrich - great balance of interesting but easy to follow moves.

I prefer for the moves to be difficult because they are working muscles, not because they are complicated :)

MISSYK25 SparkPoints: (3,440)
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Posts: 109
2/3/13 4:12 P

I find Jillian Michaels Kickbox Fastfix dvd easy to follow. She has a tutorial that takes you through all the movements, and there are 3 different levels. When I started, I could barely do 10 minutes of level one, but I just had to slowly work at it. I recommend this dvd a lot because it's the only one that I haven't gotten bored of after a couple of weeks.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
Fitness Minutes: (85,068)
Posts: 3,415
2/3/13 2:57 P

I stop the tape and watch it, then do the reps and start it back again. I am slow to process the information and I want to make sure I don't do the exercises wrong. The SP videos are fairly slow so it's easier to use them.

You can print some of the exercises. I have several sets and I mix and match the exercises.

Edited by: BARBANNA at: 2/3/2013 (15:01)
WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
2/3/13 2:51 P

I used to get frustrated but eventually I had to let it go, because all that happened was I would lose my motivation and stop trying.

Now I just do what I can and when she changes to a different exercise I change right along with her. I have found that the more I do it, the better I am able to follow along (more reps, better form, more accurate). This helps to keep me motivated, too, because if I continue to do the workout (in this instance I mean the ballet beautiful series) I can actually see and feel my progress.

Best of luck.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,155)
Fitness Minutes: (294,373)
Posts: 27,077
2/3/13 2:18 P


Don't be upset with yourself because you don't seem to be able to catch on to the choreography as quickly as you think you should. Remember, the people in those fitness videos have been practicing those routines for months !

I'll admit it. The first time I took Zumba, I had a hard time following along. But, if you keep doing the DVD, with time you will learn the routines. Also, you might want to look around for DVDs that give a person different options. Many times, a workout will show beginner, intermediate and advanced moves.

How does a person get to Carnegie Hall ? practice, practice, practice.

Definitely go to your local library and see what they have. Borrow first and if there is something you like, then buy it. You can even find workout DVDs for cheap at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores.

And check out YOUTUBE too. YOUTUBE has tens of thousands of different workouts posted. lots to choose from. try something different until you find something you really like.

practice makes perfect.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
2/3/13 1:01 P

You need a different DVD. Find something that is a better match for your abilities.

I suggest you go to a website where you can preview DVD's before you buy them -- such as (I have no relationship with that website other than being an ocassional customer.) You can view clips of many different DVD's and find one that suits you better. They have several designated as "beginner" that are less complex than the more advanced ones.

You can also "sample" DVD's by checking them out from a public library -- or viewing some of the instructor's work on u-tube. If you are going to get upset, don't buy anything you can't keep up with.

I suggest you look at some of the easier Leslie Sansone DVD's. They are based on walking in place with a few steps to the side, little kicks, and knee raises. The steps are simple.

Also, remember this: If you can do the complete routine the first time you do it, then it is too easy for you. You won't progress much using it and you will get bored quickly. So don't give up too easily.

Finally, if you need some inspiration ... check out this video. The guy in this video falls down a lot. He can't do the moves of his routine at the beginning. But he gets back up and tries again ... and gradually gets better at the moves.

BOB240 SparkPoints: (6,131)
Fitness Minutes: (1,285)
Posts: 359
2/3/13 10:51 A

I remember doing an aerobics class in the 1980's

I couldn't keep up mainly because I didn't know the moves.

I gave up and returned to doing serious exercise.

I never did another dance type class again...

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (220,929)
Fitness Minutes: (81,712)
Posts: 7,169
2/3/13 10:47 A

I feel like that in Zumba class. The instructor is a tiny little thing with the moves. I sometimes look like a spider on a hot plate.

The thing is...SO DOES MOST EVERYONE ELSE IN THE CLASS! I'm not looking at them, they're not looking at me, we're looking at the instructor.

That said, no one expects you to keep up when you're first starting out. Go back as needed. Start out with the beginner moves. The point is, you won't burn any calories sitting there on the couch thinking, "I can't do this." You can't, right now. So get up there, move your booty, and practice. You will get better and more co-ordinated, but you have to do the work first.

RUBECCAL Posts: 1,413
2/3/13 9:53 A

What I want to ask is difficult to explain, but I'd like to know if there is anyone out there that feels my pain so I'm going to try. I've been trying new exercise DVDs, but it is very hard for me. Since I'm unfamiliar with the routine, I often have a hard time keeping up with the instructor, and it stresses me. I know the whole work-at-your-own-pace thing, but when I'm doing that and the instructor gets four routines ahead of me, it is very frustrating. I've stopped trying to do dance-related DVDs because it makes me cry when I can't keep up. Other DVDs, such as Coach Nicole's 28-Day Workout, don't necessarily make me cry, but I still end up upset. For the most part, I have the fitness to do these DVDs, just not the coordination.

So my question: Has anyone else ever cried or been upset because they don't have the coordination to keep up with an exercise DVD?

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