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SQUID1 Posts: 279
11/8/13 8:00 P

Yeah, I had a very rough Halloween week, ate WAY too much pure junk. Tracking my intake, is what helps me. The junk is so blaring in a tracker, that it really helps me keep it to a minimum. (Course usually I only track when I'm on track!)

Walk briskly if can't run, eliptical, if you can't walk. Just add one workout per week, for a couple of weeks, then add another. Being active feels great!

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,100)
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11/8/13 5:04 P

Acknowledge what you did wrong (poor eating)
Learn what would have been a better choice (healthy eating)
Forgive the wrong (let it go, do a little exercise, throw out the junkfood)
Go forth and do right (Love God, love yourself, love others)

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11/7/13 3:45 P

You might want to look into joining the emotional eaters group.

A good goal might be to move from having a "treat" once a day to once a week. You might also want to think about ways to treat yourself that don't involve food.

Personally, I put so much work into exercise (I do at least an hour almost every day) that I don't WANT to ruin all that by putting junk into my mouth. I kind of look at that stuff
(pure junk--things like chips and cookies, not otherwise healthy things that are a little bit out of my diet range) as poison, and if they find their way into my life, I throw them out.

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11/7/13 3:37 P

From experience I can tell you that it's okay to binge every once in a while. Like the others said though, just try and do it in moderation and don't feel guilty about it after. If you do, I have heard that exercising after you binge can help decrease and calories and sugar consumed. For example, normally I don't ever go out and eat, but I decided to get some yummy Costco pizza at the store there and I ended up eating two slices. I swam after for a little bit to relieve stress because I felt guilty after. I ended up weighing myself later that week and I lost 5lbs. That, however though, was due to me not eating enough to begin with. All in all, people should accompany sweets into their diets in moderation so they don't feel so restrained. It helps you also to have some freedom and see that you can still lose weight while eating the foods that you love.

DARCYBLUE Posts: 300
11/7/13 2:49 P

emoticon beating yourself up this is a lifestyle change; you going to have days or weeks with your diet when it off small piece of cake not bad before you you might have large piece but since you attempt to eat healthy you had a small piece that a change in the right direction. Right now I working on too starchy sides and not enough veggies I have to figure it out by no way quitting this time around if sides too starchy right now until I get it right weight loss is slow but I take whatever. Just take one day at at time. You know that old saying take care of the present day because tomorrow isn't here yet and it bring it own problems; also keep tracking rather it that one piece of candy ,cake etc and adapt intakes of calories for the off days or week when your healthy eating isn't up to parred that week emoticon emoticon

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11/7/13 2:41 P

It sounds like for the most part you're just enjoying an extra treat once a day. There's nothing wrong with that. Just try to fit it into your calorie range. Successful weight loss/weight managements comes when we eat in a way that we can maintain for the rest of our lives and what's life without cake once in awhile? As long as you're not having 2nds, 3rds, etc. it shouldn't affect your overall weight loss

I lost weight all while eating cake, candy, chocolate, baked goods, etc. I just fit them into an eating plan that consisted of 90% healthy food choices, stayed in my calorie range, kept active and exercised.

If you want you could commit to having these things less often. Have a special treat 3x a week instead of everyday or a dessert/drink just on the weekend. An all or nothing attitude will only lead to frustration and deprivation and is difficult, if not impossible to maintain that level of strictness.

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KKIDDO Posts: 48
11/7/13 2:32 P


I'm struggling a lot lately in my challenge to create a healthier diet and lose weight and maintain it. I started off really and in my first month I lost inches and I was exercising a few times a week. Then my birthday came up and I ate badly for a week, I hurt myself exercising and it's been a struggle ever since.

For example, I noticed that it seems almost every day I eat something or do something that is troublesome (pieces of candy, too much sugar in coffee, not enough water). The biggest thing is the eating something sugary or calorie heavy too often. It's so hard because there is food everywhere in my office. I ignore most of it, but today we had cake and I love cake! I ate a small slice. Yesterday, I ate a massive cookie and chips with my sandwich. The day before it was a cocktail at a dinner with a colleague. I feel very bad for all these poor choices, but I feel so weak in the moment and then I beat myself up. I know all these things add up and I'm not going to see results.

Any experience with this and what did you do to get over it and make changes for good?

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