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Sky high

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1/25/14 5:16 P

This is called a Ulysses Contract. Radio Lab recently did an hour-long program on the concept.

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1/24/14 5:37 P

This is from a relationship article that I read on line. I changed it to fit trying to live a healthier life. I'm just stubborn enough that this might help with a few problem areas!

Tried the " Usual What to do?" tips but still can't change? Up the ante:

1.Think of an organization or cause you can't stand. Seriously, one you hate.

2.Come up with a dollar amount that would be painful for you to give away to anyone, never mind the cause. $50, $100, $1,000?

3.Promise your self that if, yet again, you skip exercising to sleep late, eat an entire large bag of chips in one sitting, neglect to eat your fruits and veggies or whatever your big problem area is that you will write a big fat check to that heinous organization.

And if, despite best intentions, you end up writing that check, it might be time to call a life coach/personal coach who specializes in health to make sure the "little" things don't end your life!


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