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4/17/11 1:38 A

Have you been eating healthy long enough that you enjoy the taste of healthy food and the feeling you get from fueling your body properly? If so, let that be your motivation.

At most occasions, I can find a healthy option (green salad, fruit/veggies of some sort). Fill half your plate with those, take a small piece of meat/protein, and an even smaller piece of a less healthy side dish or dessert. It's even easier if you're at a restaurant and get to order for yourself. Just stick as close to your plan as possible.

If you don't anticipate having any healthy options, eat something healthy a half hour before you go, so you aren't very hungry. Take less than you normally would, and leave some on your plate.

Good luck, and remember-- nothing tastes as good as being *healthy* feels. (some people say *thin* instead of *healthy* but I prefer it this way!)

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4/17/11 12:01 A

I think the best approach when you have a lot of funs coming up is to focus on portion sizes. Part of life is enjoying food and you won't have any fun if you over eat or deprive yourself. Just keep your goals in mind and I'm sure you'll be fine.

Remember where you want to be and focus on the good times with family and friends and not solely on the temporary enjoyment from food. Have Fun!

4/16/11 11:48 P

I'm worried about the upcoming week, i've been doing really well at changing habits, eating healthy and have (almost) managed to make it through exams, which are usually a time when I've fallen off the wagon in the past.
However, this upcoming week is going to be horrible eating-wise, i have a sadar, a birthday dinner, two easter dinners, and i'll be back home where there will be tons of tempting food just lying around.
Ugh, i'm so worried i'm going to undo everything i've worked for.

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