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9/6/11 8:22 A

Bravo if they decide to make more realistic serving sizes. I treated myself to one of those larger snack size bag of Cheetos, which of course was 3 servings, but they listed nutrition information for both 1 serving and the whole bag (which is realistically what the average person will eat at one sitting anyway).

They can ditch the percentages. Those are different for everyone anyway.

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9/5/11 8:09 P

I have always thought that the % of daily value part was worthless anyway. Unless, of course, you happen to be a man who needs exactly 2000 calories per day and are eating that particular way!

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9/5/11 8:05 P

Thanks for your contribution. I reread the article, and I believe I was mistaken. It seems that the PERCENTAGE of daily value will be removed, but the amount will still be listed. Thanks for helping me to get it right. Please forgive the misinformation.

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9/5/11 7:52 P

emoticon OMG, I hope sodium is not removed. I rely on that particular ingredient being on the labels. I swear that monitoring my sodium intake has helped me to lose weight as quickly as I have. I am not always within my intake but rarely go over the 1500mg I set as my maximum. Here's hoping these "experts" get a collective brain and leave this on the labels.


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9/5/11 7:26 P

The article I read mentioned more emphasis on calories and more realistic serving sizes (2 1/2 servings in a small can of soup, really?) but didn't mention removing sodium. It did say something about removing the % of daily value from things like fat & sodium but I don't think many people pay attention to those anyway.

It's going to be a long, long time before the labels are revamped if the food industry has anything to say about it. If they were revamped the way they should be people wouldn't be eating the junk that passes for food on the shelves of supermarkets today.

Just my 2 cents. :)

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9/5/11 7:08 P

Yesterday I read about the revamping of the nutrition labels for packaged food. They were removing less 'important' ingredient information, and that included sodium. What are your thoughts?

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