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1/16/13 12:16 A

Check your weight reports.

Did you have a similar gain roughly 4 weeks ago? Women in particular are prone to hormonal shifts in weight resulting from fluid retention. :) Translation, it could be period bloating!

You could also have gotten a bit more sodium than you normally do. We can also see an upward shift when we start or intensify our exercise routines.

Our weight is not a static number. It's like a vital sign, and can shift as much as 10 lbs in a given day! Two pounds is completely within the range of normal fluid shifts in your body.

HOOKCHICK Posts: 143
1/15/13 10:38 P

I think weighing too often (as tempting as it is) can be discouraging, and can make a person crazy! I weigh once a week, same day same time. There's just too much fluctuation day to day.

1/15/13 9:02 P

Ha! Yes, this is totally normal. The other day, I hopped on the scale and it said I gained 8 pounds. I knew i hadn't REALLY gained 8 pounds. I hadn't eaten 24,000 extra calories that week! The next day I hopped on and 4 of those pounds were gone the next day...another pound....and so on...and so on.

Our bodies do weird things. It can hold on to water for no apparent reason. We can get clogged up in our pipes (if you know what I mean).

So, don't worry about it. Try again in a couple of days. Drink plenty of water and I bet it'll be a different story.


COSMOJINX Posts: 178
1/15/13 3:31 P

Don't worry. Wait a day or two and it will go back down. I had the same thing happen, and it went back down. Keep up the good work!

1/15/13 1:40 P

Don't fret. If you haven't eaten like 7000 extra calories in the last two days, it isn't fat. My guesses are water retention and poo.

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1/15/13 1:06 P

Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or solutions for me...

I have made no changes in my diet or exercise--no cheating or anything! But I woke up 2 pounds heavier on the scale than I did only 2 DAYS ago. What the heck! Is this normal?

I am still motivated, but I am very confused. Can anyone offer any information for me?

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