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6/10/13 1:36 P

Remember the scale is just one doesn't make or break you. Also you should watch being under your calorie intake too many days because your body will actually go into starvation mode and turn every thing into fat for storage instead of using it to burn. It will turn to your muscle and burn up that.
Keep pushing on. Nutrition is 80% and exercise 20% for getting healthy.

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6/10/13 11:05 A

Keep Pushing!

6/10/13 11:02 A

Thankyou ARCH and SIMARIA
I need to keep pushing, and reading your replies made me feel a lot better!

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6/7/13 12:29 P

Well said Arch! You're losing inches..that's an indication of success. Don't let a scale take the joy out of your accomplishments, those already here and those to come. If I were you I would get jiggy with your progress! emoticon

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6/7/13 4:43 A


If you gained 1.8 pounds this week, it was NOT because you ate too much or didn't eat right or didn't exercise enough.

What you're experiencing is nothing more than a temporary water weight gain. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to "gain" weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? Nope, it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days.

I can easily gain 3.4 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight. Do I let that freak me out ? Not any more because I know it's nothing more than water retention that does pass.

Also, not to get TMI, but did you weigh yourself before a bowel movement ? Your body's waste products have weight. So, if you don't do a poop in the morning, the physical weight of all the food you ate the day before is still in your body. Food has weight. Water has weight and both of these can cause the scale to go UP even though you may eat right or exercise.

So, don't assume something is wrong because the scale goes up. you're going to see many fluctuations on the scale as you lose. Don't tie your self worth to the scale. there is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning.

ALSO, try not to under eat. Eating less will not speed up your weight loss. In fact, eating too little can hinder your loss. When you eat less, you're forcing your body to conserve fat not release it. While it's true that most Americans eat too much and need to eat less, QUALITY of the food you eat matters.

Weight loss is nothing more than a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. If you're eating right, watching your portions and getting some regular exercise, the weight will come off on its own.

Starving your body of the calories it needs to function properly really can hinder your weight loss. Instead, do your best to eat wholesome foods that nourish your body.

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6/7/13 4:43 A

I would say that if you have lost inches you have had results! Maybe you can just shake off today and look forward to next week. It looks like you are doing a great job to have come as far as you have.

6/7/13 3:44 A

Hey fellow sparkies!
Iam so down this morning(It's noon now, though)
I knew--it was in my gut that this Friday wont be a loss-- what I did not know that I will gain 1.8pounds:(

I was 'under' my calorie limit daily.
I worked out this wekk(counting from Monday thrice) Iam still struggling to get better with work-outs but I burnt 758 calories From Sunday-Yesterday.

I feel really disheartened and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to ask--What shall I do different to see results?

I have not eaten out--I have my entire June planned. I WILL eat out next Saturday and the one after that.
I know I weigh 143(as per today) and I hear it all the time, that as Iam smaller, it will be hard--buy hello!!! WHY the gain?

I did measure my waist 29.2 inches ( last week 29.5)

Well....thanks for listening!

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