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2/8/12 9:33 P

A big believer in the saying that you have to change the inside before you can change the outside. You have get through any mental blocks you may be having... and you have to get down to what changed in your life to contribute to falling off the wagon. Once you get through that you just need to find a workout program that you can stick to and enjoying foods in moderation.

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Right there with ya! It is so easy to fall into old patterns when distractions hit. The thing is you can't view it as a diet- it has to be lifestyle. It has to be forever. When you aren't tracking calories they add up astronomically and quickly. Lots of people have gained and lost like you and the ones that keep it off are the ones that make it a lifestyle change.

2/8/12 9:01 P

Why is it so hard to lose weight, and so easy to gain it back? I lost over 30 lbs and was doing a great job maintaining, but I totally "fell off the wagon" a few months ago when I went on my honeymoon. Then it was the constant barrage of holidays and temptations. Now 4 months later I've gained almost 20 lbs back!

I seem to be able to follow a strict diet, I was vegan w/ little carbs or sugar. Now I just want something more moderate that I can STICK with. Help!

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