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Think of your weight like you do your heart rate, blood pressure, body temp and respirations...what they all have in common is that these are not static measurements...our weight, just like the other factors will vary according to our nutrition, hydration, bowel habits, workouts and hormones, just to name a few. The one thing the number can't measure, however, is our health and fitness. This is why we need to be careful not to allow the number to reflect our success and why we need to have other means of measuring our success.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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Speaking of up and down...Well, I'm back and need to lose this 15 lbs I put on since July when I got busy and left these pages. HELP, I'm good at this, but it was a big transition year for me and I'm now settled in retirement and need to be consistant. Thanks All - Rog190

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I did an experiment yesterday, just out of curiosity. I weighed over a kilo (approx 2.5 pounds) MORE at night than I did in the morning. So fluctuations are normal.

I can understand wanting to weigh more often, but unless you are prepared to shrug off any weight increases as water weight/sodium gain/hormonal gain then it can start hurting rather than helping. Limit yourself to once a day, first thing in the morning, after the bathroom and before you shower. And remember that you can't put on a pound or more of fat overnight (well, it would be hard!) so any higher numbers are just fluctuations.

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Weight fluctuates throughout the day, and it has a lot to do with your bodily processes and your metabolism...I would suggest hiding the scale in a drawer so you're not constantly looking at it. You should really only weigh yourself once or twice a week for a number of reasons: one, so you're not constantly in a "weight" frame of mind (life is so much more than weight!), two, because you are only upsetting yourself with the confusion, and three, at the end of a week of hard work, you will be more satisfied with the numbers on the scale. emoticon Having a scale is a wonderful thing, but it can also contribute to negative feelings, thus negative thoughts throughout the day, which can contribute to depression or even lead to an eating disorder. I went through this when I was losing weight as a teenager. I eventually had to hide my scale. I ended up losing more weight because I wasn't hopping on the scale multiple times a day and it allowed me to focus on life and save my weight-loss issues for meal times and planned exercise times. Hope this helps!

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Question fellow sparkers. . . .I am pretty bad about weighing myself every time I go by the scale, and sometimes it just stays the same but other times Ill wake up and ill be 141/142 and then at night 145... then be 145/147 the next day and 142 that next night. Is it all due to just water weight or do I really just have to stick with an eating plan and working out I feel like it happens sometimes even when I am really good with what I eat and work out...HELP.... PLEASE

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