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Unwanted Christmas gifts

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12/27/12 8:42 P

I agree with others -- donate, regift if appropriate, or garage sale.

Posts: 4,639
12/27/12 8:20 P

I was very touched by the thoughtful and very appropriate gifts I received. When I receive a gift that's just not me, I donate it, put it in the yard sale stuff, or even regift if I think it is something someone else would like or use.

Posts: 2,126
12/27/12 4:44 P

I don't give gifts at Christmas (I'm single and have no kids, nobody is putting me at the top of their Christmas present list so I buy myself something) but a colleague gave me a mug, which I have already given away, having more than enough mugs.

The charity shops used to do really well out of me just after Christmas. I'm a five-star declutterer and very choosy about belongings, so I just gave things away to people who will appreciate them.

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12/27/12 3:48 P

i got a lava lamp for Christmas..... my daughter gave it to me and it was the first time she has ever brought me anything for Christmas.....While a lava lamp isn't exactly what i would ever buy myself it is a precious gift to me because she thought enough of me to buy me something.
Its not the gift it is the idea that someone cared enough to think about you and buy you a gift no matter what that gift happens to be....
Seriously i hope you showed some appreciation for receiving that gift.........

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12/27/12 2:08 P

maybe instead of white elephant Christmas parties you should do a white elephant New Year's Eve party.

we had one at church, but I only wanted to contribute if I didn't have to take anything home. Seriously trying to de-clutter our lives now.

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Posts: 1,130
12/27/12 12:38 P

I love Lava Lamps. I have one I bought 10 years back. My Mom wanted one, so I got one for her and she used it all of the time. I use mine when I want to relax.

Posts: 1,964
12/27/12 10:20 A

Didn't receive any gifts this year.

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Posts: 1,979
12/27/12 10:16 A

Lava lamps have been retro chic for a while now. My friend's daughter had that on her gift list a few years back when she was a teenager and she got one - and loved it!

This year, my brother's girlfriend received (from her brother) an "as-seen-on-TV" sift-&-toss mesh kitty litter pan liner. This type of gift is apparently normal from him and he doesn't mean it as a humorous gift. At least she has cats!

I gave my brother a Homer Simpson Chia Pet one year as a gag gift since we both love the Simpson's. Homer looked more like Disco Stu w/ the Chia fro. My bro loved the humor of it and promptly re-gifted it to his GF. Poor Nancy! : )

Posts: 805
12/27/12 12:24 A

have always appreciated gifts of all sorts however when I get unwanted ones, I will let the person see I am using it then a few years down the road I donate to our community store

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Posts: 4,475
12/27/12 12:21 A

First of all, one way to avoid this is gift cards or cash. Not personal? Speaking for myself, I love both. My aunt says about cash gifts "It is always the right size and color". That said if you do get something you don't want then by all means give it to someone who needs it or your church or re-gifting is not a bad thing either.

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12/27/12 12:14 A

Donate it or re-gift...carefully...The givers usually have the best of intentions...

Posts: 5,853
12/26/12 11:34 P

i don't get any gifts so,

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Posts: 16,511
12/26/12 5:28 P

I never seem to understand some people's gift giving. When I buy a gift, it is with that person in mind. I don't just buy something. I think about the person and buy something they have asked for or something I know they will like. I would never consider giving someone something just to give them something.

Posts: 1,175
12/26/12 5:09 P

Anarie, the radio station had a great idea!
We didn't do much for Christmas, so we all exchanged just a couple gifts. I got useful stuff - warmer clothes to wear to work (I work in a daycare so need lots of clothes, and always extras available!), a couple blankets from extended family. I'm always grateful for a gift even if I hate it because it means that someone thought of me.

Posts: 12,387
12/26/12 4:11 P

For virtually any gift you might get that isn't a deliberate gag, you can find someone who would sincerely LOVE to have it. The radio station my parents listened to when I was growing up always had a "worst gift" call-in day where people called in and described a bad gift, and anyone who wanted it could call in and offer a gift of their own in exchange, or buy it, or give a donation to the station's charity fund for children. Some years they raised thousands of dollars an hour with that program. Now, with the internet, try a little Googling and you can definitely find someone who will buy, trade, or happily accept it as a donation, whatever you're most comfortable with. Don't just shove it in a closet; use it to make someone else happy.

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Posts: 9,505
12/26/12 3:18 P

Yes - have received some of those type gifts over the years. I just say thank you and then either re-gift to someone I know who would love it. I've heard that watching a lava lamp can have a calming affect.

SparkPoints: (111,404)
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Posts: 5,916
12/26/12 1:40 P

First you accept it gracefully. Then, regift it if you know someone who would like it, or give it to a charity shop.

SparkPoints: (138,011)
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Posts: 20,477
12/26/12 1:32 P

You can always donate any unwanted gifts to charity. there are lots of teens who'd love a lava lamp who might not be able to afford one because their parents don't have the money for gifts.

Personally, I love lava lamps. Reminds me of my long gone youth.


Posts: 1,809
12/26/12 1:14 P

At my Christmas party that was held on Dec. 15th I got a cat puzzle as a secondary gift along with a game but I gave one away to toys for tots since it was a cat puzzle and the other one I took back since there is a similar game in the family already, it helped me buy stocking stuffers. I would have gave the game to toys for tots too but the name of the game was Jack Ass, and even though it seemed to be an innocent game and it has a donkey on the front I felt it to not be inappropriate from title alone to give to a child. I was happy about the cat puzzle because it reminded me of how many unopened nice puzzles were on my top shelf in my hallway closet that others may enjoy so I donated 6 or 7 puzzles at once to toys for tots. Unwanted is not the word I would use. They just were just not usuable to my life at the moment was all. My sis knows I love games and puzzles so no flub on her part at all. I still loved my gifts.

Edited by: I_HEART_MY_FAM at: 12/26/2012 (13:42)

Posts: 2,667
12/26/12 12:48 P

I've received a few odd or unwanted gifts through the years.
Most ended up being donated to the Salvation Army or other similar place

SparkPoints: (99,885)
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Posts: 10,544
12/26/12 12:25 P

I enjoyed the few I received

Posts: 356
12/26/12 11:37 A

I don't get many gifts anymore, not since I've been divorced. My gifts come from my 9 year old son, so any gift from him is special.

Posts: 11,447
12/26/12 9:32 A

I won't mention any cause they had good intentions

Posts: 6,256
12/26/12 9:24 A

Lots of teenagers LOVE lava lamps as I see them for sale in the teen sections a lot.

The worst gift I ever got was a banjo clock. It was shaped like a bango and very unattractive. I appreciated the fact that someone thought of me and my husband (it was a couple's gift) but it went to Good Will the day after receiving it.

I did't receive any unwanted gifts as I buy my own, LOL.

SparkPoints: (107,673)
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Posts: 5,855
12/26/12 9:17 A

Absolutely none. We received way too many wonderful gifts from our kids and grandkids.

Posts: 5,070
12/26/12 8:55 A

Didn't receive any christmas gifts this year. Guess that will be the norm from now on. Brother and sister can barely afford to give their kids presents, so I guess I will be my own Santa from now on. That way, there will NEVER be an unwanted gift.

SparkPoints: (63,664)
Fitness Minutes: (45,213)
Posts: 2,757
12/26/12 8:40 A

I love Lava lamps. But it has been many years since I got an unwanted gift.

Posts: 1,305
12/26/12 7:03 A

I love lava lamps too!

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Posts: 11,556
12/26/12 6:27 A

A photoweavers blanket with the worst picture of my Grandkids on it ever.

Posts: 7,634
12/26/12 5:52 A

Always got what I wanted! emoticon

SparkPoints: (35,481)
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Posts: 2,259
12/26/12 4:26 A

charity shop, eBay...

SparkPoints: (8,463)
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Posts: 1,557
12/26/12 3:37 A

If you have something you don't want, you can donate it to Goodwill, or Salvation Army.

Merry Christmas!

Posts: 2,107
12/26/12 3:33 A

I have gotten a few gifts that weren't really my cup of tea. Appreciated the person that thought of me though. Down the road I did find other people who really liked the gift so I was able to make someone else happy. It all worked out well in the long run.

SparkPoints: (215,971)
Fitness Minutes: (193,720)
Posts: 6,775
12/25/12 11:25 P

Actually, I've never received a gift I didn't like.

Posts: 2,035
12/25/12 11:09 P

I love lava lamps!

SparkPoints: (90,047)
Fitness Minutes: (80,048)
Posts: 2,994
12/25/12 10:41 P

A big tin can of caramel, white chaddar and regular popcorn. I thinks it's like 10 cups.

Posts: 6,100
12/25/12 10:21 P

I got used junk from a yard sale place from my sister. And one of the stuff animals was torn.

SparkPoints: (2,974)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 460
12/25/12 7:13 P

Oh years ago I recieved a special rock that came from my deceased sisters flower bed

Posts: 4,606
12/25/12 7:11 P

Really? People still give those things?

SparkPoints: (2,974)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 460
12/25/12 7:07 P

I appreciate the thought but a lava lamp is something I really don't want to waste time looking at

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