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9/7/12 12:47 A

My iced tea pot gets used every other day as I make myself a gallon of unsweetened decaf. cinnamon iced tea. I love the stuff and can easily drink my 8 cups a day of it and water and skim milk besides. I have sworn off all sodas, even diet, so I literally can't make it without my daily iced tea fix!

Blessings, Michelle

KATEMC125 Posts: 42
9/6/12 10:56 A

Absolutely! I drink a few cups of it nearly every day in the summer. The amount of caffeine is far too negligible to have any real effect on hydration. Even coffee will hydrate more than dehydrate you.

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9/6/12 2:54 A

I count everything towards it - even if it's got sugar in it. (but then I declare the sugar, or leave plenty of spare calories to allow for a drink of hot chocolate etc.)

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9/5/12 9:36 P


9/5/12 8:25 P

All beverage count towards your water/fluid intake. That includes: juice, milk, tea, coffee (regular and decafe), soda pop, diet drinks, etc. Of course, each type of drink as a limit regarding good health; as discussed in the article referenced in the post below.
SP Dietitian Becky

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9/5/12 8:07 P

EVERYTHING you drink counts. See this article:

Doesn't matter if it has calories, caffeine, color, flavor, alcohol, whatever... EVERYTHING COUNTS!

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9/5/12 6:10 P

My understanding is that if it's got caffeine in it, it does not count toward your daily water intake.

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9/5/12 5:15 P

Just wondering if i can count the amount of unsweet iced tea as part of my water for the day?

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