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PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
6/10/13 11:27 A

Remember to do the stretches at end is important!!

PAULAROSE65 SparkPoints: (3,068)
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6/10/13 7:25 A

Thank you for the responses. They def helped me.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 14,840
6/9/13 9:31 P

While you will burn the same calories either way, you will get more health and fitness benefits by keeping your heart rate elevated for longer. I agree with the general consensus of skipping the cooldown and stretching between videos - keep this for the end of your workout.

I disagree with the suggestion that 10 minute videos with a break in between is interval training. Interval training generally consists of much shorter intervals - one minute of intense, followed by 2 minutes of slower paced recovery is typical (although 10 seconds of intense followed by 20 seconds recovery is also used by some as a technique).


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6/9/13 8:48 P

I agree with PP. Just skip the cool down and stretch.

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6/9/13 2:26 P

If you feel up to doing more than one, skip the cool down/stretch after the first video, and just jump into the second! Then you can stretch after all your workouts are done. :)

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6/9/13 10:55 A

If you were to take out the cool down and stretching, you would have basically an interval training program.

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PAULAROSE65 SparkPoints: (3,068)
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6/9/13 8:31 A

I have been using the cardio videos from here for my workouts. But I'm not sure if it's ok to do a 10 min video, then do another after you have cooled down and stretched.
Does anybody know if you're still getting a good cardio workout, even if you are stopping and stretching in between each one. I try and do 2 to 4 of them depending on the day...

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