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6/9/13 10:12 P

If you are finger printing the freight and using a manual pallet jack - Heavy Housecleaning would be a good choice.

If it is towmotor work not sure the heavy machinery would be the same. Would think it would be a lot less.

Good Luck in the new work.

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6/1/13 6:05 A

If it's running a fork truck, I would use Operating Heavy Machinery. But, I would reduce the minutes by as much as 50%.

If you are unloading by hand/hand truck, Heavy Housework or General Farm Work would be my suggestions.

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6/1/13 2:38 A

There is moving boxes and operating heavy equipment in that section. Depending on what your doing, a pedometer might work for you too. Trial and error to see what works for you.

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12/4/12 9:20 A

You can always play with the "other" activities on the board. Heavy lifting or moving furniture is one of the available categories.


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11/27/12 2:09 A

Need to wear a heart monitor/calorie counter while doing the job so you know how many calories you burn and then make your own workout or you can just find an exercise that is close to the came and use that...

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11/19/12 9:53 P

I have an exercise question. I recently started a new job that involves unloading inventory from tractor trailers. How would I log this activity into SP?

I did this at work yesterday, and I anticipate doing it again before the week is over. Any help is appreciated!

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