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3/28/13 8:24 P

I went to the site and looked at the weight loss page, with the list of supplements for weight loss. My professional opinion: SCAM. Ingredients like green tea extract and bitter orange for weight loss are not supported by research evidenced. Save your money.

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3/28/13 2:04 P

Has anyone heard of Univera and their products? Is anyone taking their products? I'd be interested to hear feedback from anyone who has. Here's a link to the website:
A friend I recently met swears by their products and told me what a huge difference they made to her health. I went with her to an overview hosted by the company to hear about their philosophy and the science behind all their products. It sounds intriguing, but too good to be true, which is always a red flag.
Any thoughts from anyone who is familiar with Univera would be appreciated.

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