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IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
2/21/13 5:02 P

Awesome! Good for you!

BANDOMOM1 SparkPoints: (3,254)
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2/21/13 10:23 A

Wonderful, keep it up. If you exercise you can earn calorie points! Any bit of moving helps. Keep it up.

PENMEISTER1 SparkPoints: (14,627)
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Posts: 26
2/20/13 5:51 P

Thanks for adding me as a friend! Yes, I started with water and vitamins and am keeping up with both - I don't want to jump in with everything at once, my goal is slow and steady wins the race and adding new items as my good habits are actually becoming habits. Getting closer to the calorie watch though, I think once I start that I will see great improvement quickly. Congratulations on your weight loss!

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (208,033)
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2/20/13 5:39 P

That's wonderful. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for the program to kick in, but SP really works - keep up the great work.

NONNIEKAREN SparkPoints: (5,051)
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Posts: 38
2/20/13 5:12 P

I am awful at watching calories! I see it, I want it, I eat it! But, being diabetic and determined to keep my A1C below 6.5, I signed up for the SP Diabetes Plan. It is a good plan and gives me a lot of alternatives if I don't care for specific items. I have been able to stay between 1200 and 1550 calories (and balanced nutrition) most days. Some days I go over and if I eat out, going over is nearly guaranteed. Hopefully will get realeased to exercise next week. Have been waiting for a foot injury to heal. You are doing great, really. One thing at a time. I now am consistent with 8-10 glasses of water daily and have the calories under 1800. I was eating nearly 3000 cal a day and still often hungry before I began this journey.

PENMEISTER1 SparkPoints: (14,627)
Fitness Minutes: (50,326)
Posts: 26
2/20/13 4:14 P

Congratulations! I am the opposite, I have been working out consistently for 1 month straight, 6 days a week (missed one day last week but 5 days is great) but I haven't been counting calories, I have added more fruits and veggies and eating good things but not "dieting". Sadly, I haven't made any progress, but it isn't deterring me. I feel good about working out, my blood pressure is lower and I know it will matter in the long run. Next step? Gotta watch that food. Thanks for letting me know how well it works for you, I will try now too!

LADYJAY714 SparkPoints: (15,920)
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2/20/13 3:50 P

emoticon emoticon My unexpected joy was this morning when I stepped on the scale after a couple weeks of slips and bounced back from my gain!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (404,970)
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2/20/13 3:42 P


emoticon Results are my favorite motivation! emoticon

CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,707)
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Posts: 432
2/20/13 2:46 P

Way to go! Enjoy the joy - you earned it.....

NONNIEKAREN SparkPoints: (5,051)
Fitness Minutes: (478)
Posts: 38
2/20/13 2:38 P

Have completed my first month of SP. Have not been exercising at all consistently, but have tried to stay with the menu plans. Not totally successful there, either. Got on the scale today and I have lost 5 pounds! Surprised! Then measured and have lost 1/2in in my waist and 2 in in my hips! Who knew??? I am so pleased and re-energized!

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