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"Dr. Dall discusses LDL, making the distinction between LDL-C and LDL-P (LDL Particle Concentration); and the NMR test to determine LDL-P ( ) LDL-P is a better predictor or heart disease. Your LDL-P "number" should be below 1000."

Such a good explanation as to why standard cholesterol tests preformed today are lacking.

Another great video

Lipids: Deeper Look with Dr. Tara Dall and Dr. Dayspring

"Get ready for some of the most shocking stuff you've ever heard about your cholesterol test results. Everything you thought you knew was true about lipids is about to be turned upside down by the information that Dr. Dayspring shares. It will challenge much of what we believe is true but I think he gives enough solid information about what is MOST important to ease your concerns."

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I'm not a doctor or dietitian. I'm just a real whole foods nutrition nerd.

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