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6/10/14 8:38 P

EELPIE - Yes, may God strike me with it..... :)

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6/10/14 7:25 P

interesting how our bodies work. Up until I was menopausal I was very thin and could eat anything at any time and not gain a pound. Now, it is the other way. Nature is a wonderful thing. :)

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/10/14 6:43 P

lol @ Carrie, me either...that's why I was overweight emoticon

6/10/14 6:14 P

I have never had this problem. It's hard for me to imagine not being able to figure out how to increase my calories. Nuts, cheese, yogurt, dried fruit, ice cream, dark chocolate, cottage cheese, crackers, peanut butter, bowl of cereal, strawberries......

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6/10/14 5:42 P

I can so relate to this! Especially on the days I exercise I have so many calories that are recommended that I feel gross eating that much food. I spent so many years denying myself calories that now when I'm being told it's wrong and that I must eat more calories and balance it properly it's so difficult! I find myself panicking at night when I do a daily check and see that I'm still under the caloric requirements! But, I will say this, I am absolutely more balanced now that I have the pie chart and am very grateful for that!

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6/10/14 3:22 P

I am very seldom hungry. I average about 1200-1400 cal. per day. I never thought of not eating fat free/low calorie food. This gives me more to think about. Thank you

HMBROWN1 Posts: 16,241
6/10/14 1:31 P

I am with you Triple MFW! I wouldn't last long at 900 calories.

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
6/10/14 11:38 A

Eating under your recommended calories is never a good idea. There is no way that you are getting your recommended amounts of fat and protein if you are only consuming 900 calories per day not to mention the vitamins and minerals.

First of, I would stop eating the low fat and fat free factory processed junk, it's not good for you. Fat is good for you. If you were to switch from fat free salad dressing to full fat dressing that could easily add 75-100 calories to your meal with more food for you to consume. Eat full fat greek yogurt and add some fresh fruit vs eating fat free yogurt with artificial sweeteners, you'll stay fuller longer and easily add 50 or so calories by making this switch. Nuts is also a great suggestion, so easy to just grab a handful and go.

Are you honestly not hungry? Because I would be about ready to gnaw my arm off eating only 900 calories, sticking to 1200-1300 per day is killing me LOL

SHARON_M_B SparkPoints: (15,743)
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6/10/14 11:12 A

thank you, I normally have a glass of white wine in the evening. I take that into account when I do my calorie count after supper. I always have enough left over. Another question, is I will probably gain weight first before I start losing it. I try to get in enough exercise that I use up about 300 - 400 cal. per day, this includes walking and curves program. Is this enough cal. exercise loss?

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/10/14 10:31 A

On average, a glass of wine is about 125 cals (lol, depends on who is pouring).

Red wine nutrients:

5 fl. oz contains 123 cals, 0 fat, 7mg sodium, 4 carb, sugar 1.2, protein, 0.1

I drink (on occasion, maybe 3x a week). I look at alcohol like I look at cake or ice cream. Can I fit it in that day?

If I've had 1600 calories that day, having 3 drinks at 125 cals each = not good.

If I've had 1200 calories that day, having 3 drinks at 125 cals each = ok.

For some people, alcohol can be a trigger to poor food choices. They get buzzed, their inhibitions lower, and next thing you know, they are ordering poppers and mozzarella sticks at the pub, or they are eating the whole bag of chips at home.

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6/10/14 9:41 A

the weekend went well in terms of calorie count, I ate plenty but I still could not get everything. The nuts did help me with a healthy snacking food in the evenings. How much does a glass of wine per evening help or hinder?

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6/6/14 2:52 P

I am having the same problem... Nuts are a great idea!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/6/14 9:13 A

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

SHARON_M_B SparkPoints: (15,743)
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6/6/14 9:09 A

thank you, Eelpie, that is helpful to know. I did know that but did not apply it to me. We are going to the cottage this weekend, more active, less time for snaking, so we will see when we get back.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/5/14 9:15 P

Sharon, if you happen to weigh yourself tomorrow, and if you happen to weigh a bit more - don't panic, it's the extra sodium you contained (water weight). Does it to me every time emoticon

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/5/14 9:07 P

Lynnie - No need to get frustrated and confused. You might find success if you pass on the fat-free and low calorie diet foods and add more "full flavor" foods. For instance, instead of buying the fat-free cottage cheese, get 2% or whole. Not only does it taste better, but it'll give you a few more calories for the same amount consumed and you'll get more fat, protein, and calcium in your count, which I'd wager you are on the low end of your ranges if you're consuming so few calories each day. You could add cheese to a sandwich for no significant additional substance you need to eat, but again you'd gain protein, fat, and calcium.

SHARON_M_B SparkPoints: (15,743)
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6/5/14 8:41 P

my goals at 60 - 164 gr. of protein per day, so days I make, some I don't
my sodium level was up because I had (canned) tuna sandwich for lunch and then a ham steak for supper. Should have paid better attention to that.

my husband needs extra carbs this next week for a bicycle race, so I may join him in that area and see if that is helpful. I also find it difficult to eat large amounts of meat at once..

I am glad I joined this discussion. it has been helpful.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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6/5/14 7:36 P

When I recently had some trouble with losing weight because of stomach issues that led me to restrict many of my usual foods, I found that adding fat and starch was the easiest way to get calories back where they needed to be and stop losing. (Personally, there's only so much dense protein my stomach can tolerate before it starts to get cranky; I find it very difficult to eat large amounts of meat at once, for instance, so that wasn't an option.)

I added nuts (at least 300 cal per day worth), and increased my portions of starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash (another 300 cal or so). That did it.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/5/14 7:29 P

I do best on lowering sodium by excluding processed foods from my diet.

Where did all the sodium come from, do you know?

What exactly are your targets as far as fat, protein and carbs?

SHARON_M_B SparkPoints: (15,743)
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6/5/14 7:25 P

so today I met my goal for fat, carbohydrates and protein. over for sodium. but under in calories by min. of 370. And I thought I ate well today. does any have any ideas? would greatly appreciate them.

SHARON_M_B SparkPoints: (15,743)
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6/5/14 6:20 P

I am usually low on protein. but I will try to keep a better track of all the things. Thanks for tips

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/5/14 2:46 P

If you add additional nutrients to your tracker, you will likely discover some areas where nutrition is lacking. That will give you a good direction as to where your calorie focus is best placed.

For instance, if you discover calcium is quite low, adding some cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, or similar product will bring your calories up without too much more eating and fill in that missing hole. If you notice protein is low, nuts, dairy, peanut butter, lean meats, or similar items will help.

And, if you are somehow meeting all your nutritional ranges at only 900 calories a day... Well, first, share how! emoticon Then maybe find a treat you enjoy and indulge.

SHARON_M_B SparkPoints: (15,743)
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6/5/14 2:18 P

thank you, I think that it should be in pounds. emoticon
Now I must figure out how to add good calories.

6/5/14 1:57 P


Follow these steps to change from kg to pounds:


EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/5/14 11:43 A

900 calories a day is simply too little, frankly it's quite not healthy to do everyday. 1200 calories per day is what you ought to strive for (minimum). 900 is for the odd day when you don't feel well, etc.

You need to go by your BMR, which is the estimated minimum level of energy required to sustain the body's vital functions when at rest.

Find your BMR here:

Please note that your BMR is for basic living needs - your heart, your liver, your breathing.

That is why eating 900 calories a day is not a good thing to engage in. If you find yourself doing it all the time, please stop and eat either, more food, or add in simple things (like Russel suggested) a little oil or butter, or a little extra salad dressing, etc.

And yes, the human body does need some fat. Please do not be afraid of a pat of butter, 2 tbs ranch dressing, a little sour cream, etc. It's moderation that you are looking for, not complete deprivation emoticon

Edited by: EELPIE at: 6/5/2014 (11:44)
SHARON_M_B SparkPoints: (15,743)
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6/5/14 11:31 A

I do not weigh 122 kg. I weigh that in pounds. how do I change that. emoticon

LYNNIE122484 Posts: 628
6/5/14 11:07 A

Yes, I do add in Chicken, steak, pork... But it's always with a salad or veggies instead of mashed potatoes and rice or something. I get frustrated and confused... Your suppose to burn more then you eat.. So if you eat less and burn more?! Isn't that good?? Everything is fat free and low calorie.. I keep reading eat more fruits and veggies and I'm doing all that but too good I guess? If that's possible. But, if you eat more because your burning more how are you going to burn more than you eat? Ughh.. I'll just keep doing what i'm doing but try to have that little extra.. I've been cutting out condiments and sour cream on my potato and butter when cooking.. but I guess I need that stuff. If im satisfied at the end of the day is it that big of a deal?

CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
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6/5/14 10:39 A

You may also add in some lean deli meat or even beans. I'm guessing you may be lacking in protein if you are primarily eating fruits and veggies.

SHARON_M_B SparkPoints: (15,743)
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6/5/14 9:27 A

I am having trouble with my calorie intake. I think I will try the nuts. thanks. I thought I was the only with this problem.

HEATHER_DEHART SparkPoints: (372)
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6/5/14 9:22 A

I like the handful of nuts idea...Nuts are amazing and it only takes such a small amount.

MARTHA324 Posts: 5,819
6/4/14 9:31 P

Staying under the 1200 - 1500 range will most likely stall your weight loss. Your body won't know that you are doing this on purpose and your metabolism will slow to protect you from starving. I don't know what you are eating but think about adding some higher nutrient/caloric foods like peanut butter on your morning toast, avocado in your salad.
Lots of good articles on sparkpeople about nutrition.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
6/4/14 9:25 P

I struggle to eat 2000 calories on a lot of days, and tend to make that up by putting 2 extra Tbsp. of olive oil in a dish, or by eating 1 ozs of macadamia nuts ( 10-12 nuts ). Both have 210-240 calories, which would get you closer to 1200.

The other way to do it would just be to eat more vegetables. No reason that you can't eat 10-15 servings. 200-300 calories is so little, but from vegetables, the increase in nutrition would be immense.

If you have 3 meals and a snack, then you are looking at 50-75 calories per meal, and that is just a choice. It isn't like those few calories are going to need to be forced down. That's 1/2 a Tbsp. of olive oil in 1 dish, 6 ozs of berries added to your snack. Pre-plan your day with three 350 calorie meals, and a 200 calorie snack, and you have 1250 calories. This way you aren't trying to add 300 calories at the end of the day, which can seem like another whole meal.

CARRIENIGN SparkPoints: (99,758)
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6/4/14 9:23 P

My first thought is veggies and fruit are great, but where is your protein? Throw some grilled chicken or fish on a salad or some Greek yogurt with your fruit. These things won't add a lot of volume, but will supply you protein and a few more calories.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/4/14 8:45 P

It's so easy to add like 150 calories with a handful of nuts, or 2 slices of cheese....

6/4/14 7:56 P

900 calories daily---you are probably not getting enough of some nutrient due to the smaller food intake.

You can add some additional nutrients to track to see how you are doing and where you may be lacking.

Are you getting at least 60 grams of protein daily?
Are you in your ranges for protein, fat and carbohydrates?
Are you meeting at least 100% of your calcium needs for the day?
Are you meeting at least 100% of your iron and zinc needs?

If you make your Nutrition Tracker public we can give more helpful tips based on your current food selections? Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

LYNNIE122484 Posts: 628
6/4/14 7:50 P

I have noticed that on most days I usually finish the day off in the 900 range. Since starting to eat better I have loaded up on the veggies and fruits. I'm not hungry at the end of the day. I eat 3 good filling meals and I have an afternoon coffee and snack break.. But, it never fails I always fall with in 900 -1000 calories.. But, I keep reading about really trying to get in 1200. I'm comfortable where I'm at, I'm in the zone. It seems like most responses are that it's not healthy. I just feel like if I force myself to eat more I might get out of control. I feel like I'm eating healthy.. Every meal has mostly veggies and fruits which don't have many calories.. Does that make it okay to be under my recommended limit.. 1200-1550 ?? Thank you.

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