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We've all been there. Just learn the portion sizes of foods. When you eat out, eat the foods that are cooked the simplest. At home, start the SparkPeople Core, Upper, & Lower Body exercises - when you have done enough of them (check them off as you do them) you should have 24 sparkpoints for your strength exercises. Do these exercises every other day. Use soup cans as hand weights. Do cardio - like walking or running or dancing for about 1/2 hour the other days. When doing normal chores, add ankle & wrist weights. Later, use the same weights while you exercise. I found that my problem all along was not getting enough exercise. Sometimes, it was not eating enough. So I make cabbage soup to have throughout the day to keep me from getting hungry between meals. I drink hot tea or warm Spicy Hot V-8 w/ my meals. Cold drinks don't let your tummy feel full & slows digestion. As far as foods went, in the beginning, I only tracked what I normally ate for 1 week, then I started modifying it where it needed modified. I used 2% milk & cheeses, 35-45 calorie per slice vegetable or whole or multi-grain breads & crackers, I added more veggies & fruits & lite fruit juices, and made sure I ate a week of meals that one each contained one meat from each of the meat groups (beef, chicken, fish, & pork) and on the other 3 days I had a vegetable soup, a pasta meal, or a stir-fry. The stir-fry's can be made using the left-over meat from one of the other meals & your favorite veggies. When frying ANYTHING, make sure the oil (I use corn oil) is HOT - this will keep the foods from absorbing the oil. Use lots of different spices when cooking - gr red pepper, garlic & onion powders & salts, celery salt, tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, etc. They ALL contain good things & help fight off flus & viruses, while at the same time faloving the foods & speeding digestion. Same w/ the soup - go ahead & add some leftover meats to it - it isn't enough to hurt you. In my pasta meals, I also added a little meat, so that way you still get your protein & more carbs, which is what they want us to get. Don't deny yourself anything - just control the portions - otherwise you will never feel satisfied & will keep eating until you do. One of my favorite breakfasts is Canadian Bacon, multigrain homemade fench toast (3 slices if you use 35 cal vegetable fiber bread), if any leftover egg mixture, then I scramble it. You can substitute turkey bacon or Gunnoes Sausage patty (hand-patted) for the Canadian bacon - remember to fry the bacon extra crisp in order to render more fat from it & drain on paper towel - same w/ the sausage. My favorite lunch is 2 raw tortillas baked in the oven until crisp, then spread w/ a little refried beans & sprinkled w/ 2% cheese, baked until cheese melted, then topped w/ chopped onions, lettuce & tomato & a little taco sauce. My favorite supper is a New York Strip Steak (in frozen meat section at Walmart) seasoned w/ Johnny's Seasoning salt & placed on a hot griddle & cooked about 10 minutes each side until done w/ sliced onions & green peppers cooking with them until they caramelize, served w/ a baked sweet or regular white potato, and a whole wheat dinner roll. I add real butter to my foods because it is healthier than oleo margarine. Also, read your articles. Also take their quizzes, do the trivia question, etc. I learned today about the myths of weight loss - one thing was there is NOTHING wrong w/ eating after 5 or 7 pm. Your body will digest & use it just as if you ate it at another time. The exercises first will get your metabolic rate back up, as will the nutrients found in eating a variety of fruits & veggies & carbs. Don't forget your fats - your body needs a certain amount in order to work & fats aid your digestion - keeping you from geting bound up. I hope I was of some help. Good luck. Get as MANY spark points as you can & you will learn & know you are doing it right this time. It will then just become a healthy habit and a new lifestyle that you CAN live with. Remember as you lose weight, you might get in what they call a plateau, where you stop losing weight - just change things up by adding a backpack w/ weight in it (tricking your body into thinking it's heavier) when you walk or dance next times. This helps get you over the plateau.
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So I have failed and tried for the umpeenth time. At night I have a strong craving for sweets (three chocolate cookies) with fat free milk. I wake up feeling like I had a drunkin one night stand. I try to eat healthy throughout the day and I drink my eight glasses of water. Im not sure what I am doing wrong. At night I find it difficult measuring the food I cook. Breakfast and lunch are a bit easier as I use LC, WW of HC. Any tips???Tired of restarting

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