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DGYOUNG1 Posts: 120
10/9/12 10:36 A

Good job! Bumps happen, but stay focused and it will work out.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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10/9/12 9:38 A

Thanks guys. Well, luckily I stayed within my cal. range on Thanksgiving. I saved up cals throughout the day and skipped my afternoon snack. Ate in moderation and heaped on the veggies and made some healthier alternatives to traditional Thanksgiving staples. I made a rockin' fruit stuffing that was super low in cals and fat. I even managed to squeeze in two glasses of wine and a small piece of strawberry rhubarb pie without going over my range. But I was right at the very top!

Hopefully I can do the same at my inlaws. I'm just really getting used to working out in one shape or another every day that I just don't feel right when I don't. But the fall walk I planned today should be gorgeous. I've been working so hard these last couple months that a week where I coast is kinda nice. Maybe I *am* due for one.

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PURPLENURSE17 SparkPoints: (4,554)
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10/9/12 9:28 A

i bet with the combo of that nature walk and the cold you have, your metabolism will be burning more than you think! it's hard when we can't stick with our routine we're used to, but yeah to you for being so dedicated. sometimes i wonder if it's fate telling us to take a little rest/relaxation time and realize we can stay on track. also, it could be a sign to not over do it at these family meals, as i often do. hope you get the internet back soon!

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (241,129)
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10/9/12 9:25 A

emoticon happy Thanksgiving!

hope you feel better soon

I know what you mean about internet issues. I get so frustrated with the time outs!

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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10/9/12 9:21 A

Just need to get this off my chest but everything has been upsetting my workouts the last two days.

Yesterday, after holding Thanksgiving at my house, I came down with a cold. I was suppose to do my strength training yesterday but I woke up late and felt too weak and achy for it so I shrugged it off and decided to concentrate on just getting the house clean after Thanksgiving. No big deal, after a somewhat big meal what I really need is some good cardio. So I figured I'd just wait until today (my cardio day) to get back on track. I kept thinking all morning how great I'm going to feel (after the lazy day I had yesterday) getting my body roaring.

But nope! There is something seriously messed up with my internet and its been running slow off and on for the last month or so. We had someone come out to fix our phone line because that stopped working too. He did the job and our phone came back and the internet seemed to be working good again. But last night it started acting up again and is the worst and slowest I've ever seen it!!! Called them up again today and they're sending someone back out. But now my workout videos won't load! *groan* I'm also going to be missing another day this week when we have Thanksgiving again at my inlaws. So 2 Thanksgiving dinners and 3 days this week I'm not working out (and I dread to think it, but possibly more if my inet doesn't start working properly) when I usually do 6-7 days. I'd be very, very surprised if I lose any weight from this week.

At least I have a nature walk planned this afternoon so I'll get some fitness in but won't be burning near as many calories as I would with my workout. I'll look at the silver lining though; at least I don't have to workout today with my nose running like crazy. *gross*

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