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1/3/11 1:59 P

New day, New year, New YOU!!! I had a great workout today!! I almost picked the shorter 30 minute workout, but picked the 50 minute workout instead and stuck with it and feel great!! This is gonna be the year for sticking with it and changing my way of living with adding eating right and exercise to my daily life!!! Go 2011!!!

12/31/10 12:13 A

I'm right there with you! Since thanksgiving I have been off and I was doing good up until then. My mom and I are planning on working out together starting on Monday to get back on track.

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12/27/10 11:23 A

Yes it does and it has! I always have such good intentions...

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12/24/10 10:32 P

The holidays are hard because so many people want to celebrate with food!

I use a few different strategies to avoid over eating:

1) Plan to eat something fun - I leave 'room' in my daily calorie intake to eat that piece of cake or chocolate truffles.

2) Track my nutrition on SP - This helps keep me accountable to myself for my long-term health and reminds me to eat in moderation.

3) Eat healthy snacks - If your family does not serve them, then bring them yourself. I'm always surprised how often my 'healthy' snack is eaten before the bowl of potato chips.

Good luck!

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.
JUNAKA Posts: 389
12/21/10 2:26 P

I so need to get back on track...I have gained 10 pounds....we have been traveling to families homes and place for the last few months...eating bad needless to say! Got to get it back together!

Does this happen to anyone else during the holiday months?

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