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8/28/14 1:18 A

use as salad dressing. toss with steamed veggies.
I smear a bit on low calorie pita, toss in a bit of roasted chicken, and some tomato, lettuce, cucumber for a lower calorie take on gyros.

8/1/14 12:11 P

Actually, a friend gave me the idea of just boiling plain brown rice or quinoa, and using the tzaziki as a sauce instead of soy sauce. SO yummy and makes a really filling dish.

7/23/14 10:47 A

Yum! I love Tzatziki too! So easy and its guilt-free. You get your protein (especially if vegetarian) and its no need to add other ingredients to thicken it.

What else do you use tzatziki for other than dipping your veggies in?

Recommendation: sandwhich

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7/20/14 4:46 P

I love tzaziki too.

7/18/14 8:52 A

I never buy storebought dips/creams/sauces, except for maybe salsa. I always assumed that things like tzaziki, artichoke or spinach dip, and the like were super high in calories. I even started making my own hummus instead of buying it.

A little while ago I was browsing recipes and saw one for tzaziki - and had instant enlightenment when I saw that its main ingredient is plain greek yogurt!

I made a batch last night, and it was absolutely fantastic. And, it also solved a problem that I've been having with eating too much fibre and not enough protein. Since it's greek yogurt, it's higher in protein, and now I can dip my veggies in it, filling up on the tzaziki, and eating less vegetables (therefore a little less fibre).

And, on top of it being my new best friend, it takes less than ten minutes to make. emoticon

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