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I find whipping cream has too high a fat content and can almost turn to butter in my gelato maker before it is done. I use a combination of table cream (coffee cream) and whole milk for a rich, creamy ice cream. You can lighten it by using less cream or a combo of 2% and cream but when I make ice cream or gelato I am going for the real deal. For a vegan version I use full fat coconut milk, it does not do the butter thing.

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Google is your best friend:

What I typed into google was: difference heavy table cream heavy whipping cream

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Can anyone tell me what the difference is between heavy table cream and heavy whipping cream? Will the table cream whip up, or does it have to have the carcinogen of carrageenen in it? I was looking at some whipping cream and found that it doesn't have much in the way of carbs (only 1 gram). Of course, it has a ton of fat. Was trying to figure out how to make ice cream that would be lower in carbs than the sugar free ice creams, which have almost as many as that with sugar and have the carrageenan in them, too. I don't know how half and half would work to try to make ice cream. Would that work?

Sorry, I have no idea where I could look for this information.

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