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9/19/12 1:51 P

Thanks yall. Its always nice to know I have support here and can get some opinions. I really appreciate it.

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9/19/12 5:12 A

Protein is not "just the meat". You do NOT eat 50% of your diet in meat! Every food you eat will have *some* protein in it.

I cannot comment on the safety or efficacy of the plan itself (although it goes against current expert knowledge in this area and pretty much everything on Dr Oz is a scam...), but as for the actual values ...

Say you have a 1500 calorie diet.

You would want around 750 calories from protein, or 187g.
You'd want around 450 calories from fats, or 50g.
You'd want around 300 calories from carbs, or about 75g.

Plus or minus 20% for a range, eg protein 150-224 g per day.

Then start tracking and see how the numbers add up.

Remember to include as much plant based protein as you can (beans and legumes) as they carry much less fat than animal protein and at those values you'd have difficulty getting enough protein and keeping the fat that low.

9/18/12 8:28 P

While I agree that some do better and feel better on a slightly higher protein intake; this "high" would mean about 35% (not 50%). I did not see the show so I am unable to comment on Dr. Oz's supportive science. But I am not aware of any reseach to back this Type A Metabolism Diet".

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9/18/12 5:03 P

Protein and carbs contain 4 calories per gram. Fat is 9 calories per gram. If you were eating a 1500 calorie diet, you would eat 187g of protein, 50g of fat and 75g of carbs. (% times calories divided by calories per gram for each macronutrient)

That seems like an extremely low carb diet. I think it might be difficult to make into a lifestyle choice but if low carb works for you then go for it!

9/18/12 4:55 P

I was watching Dr.Oz today and while I don't normally buy into anything he says I have noticed I feel better eating more protein than anything else. He said for a type A to eat 50% protein 30% fats and 20 % carbs. My question is how do I figure out those percentages. I know how to do protein, thats just the meat. But those foods have fats too. And foods that have carbs can have fats so I do I figure out my diet?

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