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2/6/13 7:26 A

Great job of enjoying the favs without overdoing it!

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2/6/13 6:45 A

that is great!


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2/5/13 6:30 P

WOW good for you!! That is awesome keep up the good work emoticon

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2/5/13 3:48 P

That's fantastic well done I know how easy it is to slip back into old ways when your celebrating emoticon

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2/5/13 3:25 P

JPDRPEPGIRL, you are so lucky to have your man onboard. My husband never gives me a hard time, he loves the way I look, but he's not onboard, in fact he's flaling about in the murky waters of bad food choices. So, may I say it again, you are so lucky and blessed. I think if I put two wings and 2/3 cup of potato salad in front of my husband, he would first cry and then die.

Spark On Togetha!

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2/5/13 3:08 P

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you, it's ok to enjoy our favorites once in a while. I buy the skinless wings and just boil them with a little salt, when they are cooked I mix them with the hot wing hot sauce and they are just as good as the ones I buy at the restaurant, the only difference is that I don't eat them with ranch dressing

2/5/13 1:25 P

First, for Superbowl: It was just me and my hubby. I like to give him some of his favorites while we are changing our lifestyle so I made hot wings and potato salad. Don't wince. Here's the good part. I took the skin off the wings (which was very time consuming) and we both ate two wings.

The potato salad was mixed with light mayo and we each enjoyed just 2/3 of a cup. So different than our usual heaping bowl serving size.

I'm very proud of my hubby and myself. We are so motivated.

The other thing I'm woo hooing about is that I'm down 17 pounds. My pants are loose and if I'm not mistaken, I think I see cheekbones. lol. yeah for me.


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