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LAURIEANDBLUE2K SparkPoints: (54,613)
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7/30/13 8:48 A

I try to do 2 work outs a day because I'm off for the summer. I walk 4 miles in the morning and then try to swim laps in the afternoon. It is usually around 100 degrees by 3:00pm so swimming is about the only thing I can stand.

In 2 weeks I start teacher meetings so I'm worried about not being able to work out as much. I just hope the scale doesn't suffer!

LILLITH32 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/30/13 4:28 A

I do four-five days a week of two-a-days. I try to get in a short two-three mile run and maybe a bit of weights before work, about an hour of working out; in the evening after work I complete my strength training program and do maybe 30 minutes of cardio equipment, elliptical, rower, or the stair master.This is my M, T, Th, F, S. On Wednesdays I don't run, just do the weights. On Sundays I rest, stretch and do yoga. Once I am done with my current fitness program, around September, I may work in a day or two of Crossfit or other group fitness, and maybe some Zumba to my workout routine. If you are considering two-a-days, I would recommend scheduling whatever you need to work the most on, like cardio or strength, first thing in the morning, and leave the evening for "good to do" things, like extra cardio or fun fitness classes, that way if life interferes you still get a workout in.

WAYCAT Posts: 1,010
7/29/13 11:54 P

I used to work out at home and found that even though I was starting each day with an early morning workout, come mid afternoon I was itching to do more and so I started doing two workouts a day.

It would mainly be cardio or cardio & strength in the morning, in the form of a DVD. And then in the afternoon I'd either head outside for an hours' run or, if the weather was bad, do another DVD.

Eventually it got to the point where (1) it took over my life and I felt a sense of panic if I felt as though I couldn't manage to squeeze my 2nd workout in, and (2) I totally burnt out.

I have since re-joined my local gym, where I was a member several years ago. And I have to say that things have change a lot since then, and for the better.

I still workout every day, at 6.00am when the gym opens, but after an hour each morning let me tell you I really don't even feel close to wanting a 2nd workout in the afternoon!

I think the fact that at my gym I have access to a broad range of equipment to keep it interesting, plus I have increased the intensity of my morning workouts, makes me feel as if the one workout a day is more than enough and thus I have more time to devote to other things in life, without feeling constantly on edge and fretting about getting a 2nd workout in, when it is (1) not necessary and (2) is detrimental to my health.

I realise that our situations are different and I'm not for one minute suggesting that you are experiencing the same anxiety and panic attacks that I did - but anyway, that's my personal account of trying (and to some extent failing) to do 2 workouts in a day.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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7/29/13 3:35 P

My opinion, I think your workout needs to be turned up a notch, not the duration or frequency. If you're not feeling it or getting results, it's time to consider something else. Another opinion, elliptical and "BeachBody" workouts are not really conducive to long term strength increases. Consider a lot more iron in your life.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
7/29/13 3:00 P

U have to do what works 4 U.....I do my workouts in the morning and they are out of the way for the day. It's all about getting in shape no matter when we do it.........

REALBLONDE474 Posts: 220
7/29/13 12:04 P

Thanks y'all for all of your ideas and comments. I work out at home so the drive and prep is not really an issue.

I do like splitting my workouts up due to time crunch (pun intended) and I have found that if I only do an evening longer routine I can't sleep well and sometimes skip.

But whatever works, right?

All of you are a wonderful inspiration and SPARKPEOPLE is great!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/29/13 11:05 A

Personally, if it was a matter of doing 30 minutes early and 30 later, I would try really hard to move one of the workouts and just do them together. It's not just an hour, but it's the time putting on my HRM, putting on gym clothes, tying my hair back, finding my shoes, getting to the gym, warm up, cool down, showering that makes doing 2 workouts so much more time consuming than 1 done twice. And for just a 30 minute workout, I'd probably spend as much time on all the stuff I just mentioned.

I could see if you had high level fitness goals and you needed to spend 3 hours+ at the gym, that makes sense to split up. But I feel 30 minutes is a small enough chunk that it can be moved easily in a schedule and done together.

Unless of course you really WANT to work out twice a day (like someone else said, it wakes them up in the AM and helps them relax in the PM). I'm just saying if you're having trouble making this schedule work, it makes a lot more sense to me to move the schedule.

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JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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7/29/13 10:56 A

I apologize, I assumed it was a cardio routine.

KATIENIU SparkPoints: (5,014)
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7/29/13 10:53 A

I've been doing two workouts a day for several years. I normally do this Monday-Thursday. I started doing this when I was training for my first marathon and now this summer I am training for both a marathon and a triathlon. The only way I can get the training in for both events is to double up on the workouts, otherwise I would be at the gym every night until 10pm. Also, the pool is more available in the morning and it's easier to run in the evening when it's cooler. My workouts are generally no longer than an hour and fifteen minutes (with the exception of my long weekend runs which can be as long as 4 hours).

I personally like the double workouts. It wakes me up in the morning and helps relax me in the evening. It also helps that I am single and have no kids and most of my friends are runners so when I meet with friends it's usually to run and then have dinner or breakfast. I think if I had a family the situation would be much different.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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7/29/13 10:53 A

The only time 2 a days ever worked for me were when I was on the varsity fencing team in college and we'd practice over fall and winter breaks. Running 2 a days while classes were in session was tantamount to academic suicide. For me an hour in the morning before work is enough time to accomplish my workout goals for the day.

BEEBEA SparkPoints: (47,115)
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7/29/13 9:49 A

This summer now that I'm not working (I'm a teacher), I've been trying to get in two workouts a day. The only thing that allows me to do it is a wide open schedule! :) I am doing awesome to get ONE workout a day during the school year. :)

RIPPEDPAUL1 SparkPoints: (183,575)
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7/29/13 9:38 A

I try to add fitness as part of my day rather than a separate item. So I make plans and walk to many of my chores (grocery drugstore) or rewards such as (Starbucks or bookstore) I have been able to work up to at least 5 miles a day. A pedometer or fit bit is a great motivator for me as we'll as a few charity apps to raise money while being active keep me going. Let me know if you need more ideas or info

REALBLONDE474 Posts: 220
7/29/13 9:36 A

I do strength training on MWF, that's Les Mills Body Pump and I enjoy the cardio the other days for stress reduction, especially the kickboxing and the dance classes with Shaun T.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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7/29/13 9:19 A

I did for a short time and hated it. I realized I like getting all my workout done first thing in the morning and out of the way. I stay active the rest of the day and maybe 3-4x a week throw in a nature hike, a walk, a swim, or shooting hoops, something active for leisure.

Honestly though, why so much cardio? If you don't mind my advice... you should really have some strength training in there. Cardio may up your cardio burn that moment but building lean muscle will boost your overall metabolism so you burn more calories even at rest. Doing so much cardio while losing weight and not strength training will greatly decrease your metabolic rate and you'll be losing a lot of lean muscle along with fat.

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REALBLONDE474 Posts: 220
7/29/13 9:12 A

Is anyone else trying this? I am no gym rat but I am really want to kick it up a notch so I was wondering if anyone else does this.

I start most days with 30 minutes on the Elliptical each morning to kick it up. Each afternoon I alternate (or try to...this is where life gets in the way) with either Les Mills Body Pump (MWF) and then on other days I do gentle kickboxing (Les Mills Combat) or flirt with Shaun T (Rockin Body or Hip Hop Abs). I use Sunday for recovery.

My intentions are good but again life gets in the way. Does anyone else strives for this schedule and if so HOW ARE YOU ABLE TO DO IT..

All the best!

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